Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tarzan & The Beach

Love this girl and how she is my pal!  We had fun waiting to pick up Ellie from school.

We made a library trip today, and the big girls wanted to take pictures with Tarzan.  This cool sculpture bench has children reading Tarzan.

There were tons of ladybugs on the bench.  Cece preferred to watch from a distance.

One of Cece's favorite places to be is snuggled up next to her big sister on the couch.

Lynnie has been asking to go to the beach for a while now, and it was finally almost warm enough, so we went for it.  She meant the pond in Pleasant Grove, but I chose to take them to Highland Glen park so we would have grass to sit on.

The ducks there are clearly used to people and getting fed.  We didn't bring anything for them, and they came aggressively close at the beginning.  The mom down the shoreline from us was literally pushing them with her foot, away from her 2 year old daughter, they were so close to them.

Cece was not interested in wading, even when I tried to dip her toes in the water.  She much preferred walking in circles around me.

One of the coolest things was watching the pond get stocked with fish.  They pulled the truck up, opened the pipes, and the fish came out.  The birds immediately started dive bombing.

When we got home, it was immediately bathtime.  The big girls wanted the big tub, so I got them situated and then bathed Cece in the little tub.  When we came back to check on them, we found a gigantic mound of bubbles.  They had dumped in an entire bottle of shampoo...

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Violin Recital and Mother's Day

Saturday night was the Solo Recital for violin. Ellie got to pick her three favorite Twinkle variations, and she picked Butterfly, Very Tiny, and Dr Suzuki.  She even wore a butterfly necklace to coordinate.  I was proud of her for hopping right up when it was her turn and playing confidently.

. : talking to Aunt Bobi while Grandma tunes her violin : .

Cece loves to play this game where she puts her blanket in your mouth and then pulls it back out.

The 7 p.m. start time for the recital turned out to be too much for Cece and Daddy.

Mother's Day was a wonderful day, made special for me by Greg and the girls.  All of Greg's meetings were cancelled that day, and it was a treat to have him home with us.  They made me a delicious breakfast in bed.  And, since it would be no fun to eat by myself, Ellie and Lynnie ate with me.  While we were eating, Lynnie coughed which made her choke and then gag and then throw up.  I got her in the tub and took the blankets to the washing machine.  When I got back, I found this:

Lynnie said that Cece just climbed in the tub.  That baby is so tall, she just put her leg over the edge and got right in.  I started to get Cece undressed so she could enjoy the bath with Lulu, and then was surprised by this ball of energy climbing in.  In her swimsuit!

After getting ready, we headed to church.  Because of the violin recital the night before, we had gotten the girls to bed very late, and Lynnie was having a hard time.  She almost fell asleep leaning against Brinn in Sacrament Meeting, and then didn't want to go to Primary.  She decided it would be OK, and went and sat on Sister Meiners' lap.  Approximately 2 minutes later, she fell asleep.  Sister Meiners laid her on the floor during class time, and she slept the whole time.  She even slept for about half an hour after church as I carried her around and we visited with friends.

Cece also enjoyed another nap on Daddy's shoulder during the last hour of church.

Definitely a memorable Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Birth Mother's Day

It's my favorite day of the year -- Birth Mother's Day!  All birth moms are my heroes, and especially the special birth moms in our lives.  {T}, {M}, and {R} are amazing and wonderful women who I am honored to know.

I also admire birth moms who publicly advocate for birth moms and who share their stories.  They are inspirations to me!  Special ladies like Katelyn and Haley, who I respect and love.

So share some loving for the birth moms in your life today! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

May 6 - 8

Lynnie was very excited to find the doll that was wearing the outfit that matches Cece's outfit.  This cute set was given to us by Mom Julie for Ellie's 2nd birthday.  Ellie didn't wear it until that winter.  And Cece is 15 months old.  Love it!

Cece did great at her well child check today.  I am still never quite sure if/when she is processing things and hearing things, but the good news is that she can say 10 words, and that is above the developmental milestone of 4 words (at 15 months). She has to hear the words to be able to mimic them.

. : hiding while we wait for the doctor : .

It's way more fun to eat a snack with your friend outside on a picnic blanket.

Cece was pretty proud of herself for crawling in the fort Ellie and Hope created, and for eating her own snack.

Playing with Daddy is the best!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dinosaur Museum

Ellie is doing really well with her NAET treatments.  Her treatment yesterday was for Sugar, and so for 25 hours she cannot eat or touch sugar.  Her diet is limited to meat, vegetables, and plain pasta.   That's a tough one for Ellie since she has a hard time with vegetables, but luckily she is a good sport and was willing to have plain noodles for breakfast.  Dr Kofford told me (out of Ellie's hearing) that she probably would not feel physically sick with this treatment, but that she would probably experience dramatic mood swings.

And, as always, he was right!

I knew that we needed a distraction after school to get through those last few hours, so we decided to go to the Dinosaur Museum.  Lynnie suggested we call and invite Grandma Camp, and our plan was set.

Grandma had never been to this museum, so the girls very carefully showed her all of their favorite things.  This includes the "dead dolphin."

We found a Camptosaurus and had to take pictures.

 Ellie is making a turtle face.

Ack!  Don't eat me!

We were the only ones in both of the sand places, which meant that Lynnie happily played.  She usually doesn't like to compete with the other children.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Kylene's College Graduation

We were so, so excited to drive to Cedar City and spend the day celebrating Kylene and her achievement of graduating with a bachelor's degree in accounting.  She finished in December and has been working full-time with an accounting firm downtown, but walked with her class.  Greg had a big deadline for work, but managed to get it done late Thursday night (albeit with one wrinkle that Paul was able to handle on our drive down that morning).

We got up and headed out.  We figured out that the back seats could recline quite far, and the big girls loved just laying back and relaxing the whole drive.  We put Cece behind me so that Greg could move his seat all the way back, and then everyone had room.  We really love our van!

The big girls had packed their backpacks full of toys and books.  Ellie immediately read her book out loud.

We got to Cedar around 11 and got ready for the graduation at noon.  After finding our group, we got seats and settled in to wait.  I pulled out the telephoto lens, which has only been used at graduations (ha!) and got some good shots of Kylene walking in.

I was not paying enough attention, because I figured we had a long time to wait since Ky was on one of the back rows.  But they went back to front.  I heard her name called and frantically got the camera up to get this fabulous shot:

Playing with sister was the best part of the ceremony!

Lynnie abandoned us to play with Uncle Kyle, and...

...Tobyn, of course!

After the ceremony we headed out for pictures.  There did not seem to be a perfect spot, so we just found a tree so we could be in the shade.

Lynnie wanted in on that kissing action!

We had fun reenacting Ellie stealing something from Kylene.  At Kylene's seminary graduation, Ellie stole her diploma.  This time, we had her "steal" Ky's cap.  Ellie thought that was quite hilarious.

Then Ellie had the idea to get dressed up in Ky's entire outfit.  She asked if she could wear it when she graduates from college.  Kylene said yes.

We went to a park and ate take out from Dickey's afterwards.  It was surprisingly cool, and we tried to keep Cece wrapped up.  I love how she is snuggling Greg while holding a bbq chip.

Then it was time to go swimming in the hotel pool.  Cece was modeling her new cheetah swimsuit.

Lynnie is not a big fan of the water, but she was OK as long as someone was holding her and talking to her.

Ellie is a total fish and was jumping in the pool and swimming around the whole time.

The highlight for Ellie was when Tobyn was stunting her.  They must have done this 30 times.  At least.


After baths in Kyle and Jonette's hotel room, we loaded up in the van and headed home.  The girls fell asleep almost immediately and slept the whole drive.  We got them transferred to their beds and had everything unloaded and unpacked by 11 p.m.  What a fantastic day!


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