Friday, April 11, 2014

Grandma Great

We started our morning yesterday with a check-up at the ophthalmologist (Lynnie is looking great and we don't have to go back for 6 months).  Then the girls and I dropped Greg off at home and headed north to visit Grandma Great in the hospital.  She is in renal failure, and I wanted to see her at least one more time.

Ellie loves Grandma Great, and always says that she is her "favorite grandma ever!"  She was very excited to go and visit.  Lynnie has been very concerned about Grandma Great ever since she fell a couple of weeks ago and got a cut on her head (we were supposed to visit her that day, but she spent the morning getting stitches and then wasn't up for visitors).  

When we walked in the room, the first thing Ellie said was, "Grandma, why does Grandma Great look so different?"

This is the first time that Cece has met Grandma Great.  I hope that Ellie and Lynnie will remember her when they get older.

Mom was able to get Grandma to wake up for just a minute.  She said hi to mom and then looked at me and said, "Hi Heather!"  She looked at us all briefly and went back to sleep.

The hospital room is a sacred place.  Mom and I were teary-eyed many times.  Ellie especially was very gentle with Grandma Great, and could not stop looking at her.

Lynnie did not come close when Grandma Great was awake, but she was very aware of her.

I had prepped the girls before we came, telling them that Grandma Great was very sick and was going to go back to live with Heavenly Father.  Grandma was telling them that it was good because Grandma Great will get to be with Grandpa Great again.  Ellie got very excited and said, "I know!  Grandma is very happy because she will be with Grandpa and Jesus.  But we are sad because we will miss her."

Well said, baby.

The girls wanted to draw a picture and notes for Grandma Great, and found a great window nook to do that.

Then it was time to take pictures in groupings.  Ellie had very specific ideas about who should be in which picture.

Anytime I'm in the picture, Ellie took the picture.

When it was time to go, Mom got Grandma Great to wake up again for just a few more seconds.  We said our good-byes.

Mom told me later that after we left the room, Grandma said to tell us thanks for coming.

We tried out the little stroller for Cece, and she did well in it.  But I ended up just carrying her for most of the time because she was a little fussy.  Lynnie loved being pushed by Ellie.

Grandma Great went to join Grandpa Great around 3 a.m.  I am so grateful that I was able to see her and talk with her one more time.  She has had a full life, with 98 years on this earth.  It is a celebration that she can return Home.

But it is just

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

All Dressed Up

We had a birthday party tonight for one of Greg's referee friends.  It is his 40th birthday, so his wife asked everyone to wear black.  When I told Ellie that in the morning, she immediately picked out her black outfit, and anxiously awaited the party all day.

Lynnie chose her "party dress" because it has black in it.  And I picked an outfit for Cece in a 3-6 month size that was a present from Aunt Jonette.  It was a little big, but not as big as I thought it would be!  Her headband was also a little loose, but matched perfectly--and it was a present from Kari.

I had to line up the cuties for a some pictures before we left.  Tammy had a great photo bomb!

Greg and Tammy got some great smiles from the girls!

Greg was telling them to roll their tongues.

I love that Cece has grabbed on to her shirt. 

And this is the cheesiness I get when I ask the girls to look right at the camera and smile.  Awesome...

We met at a yummy Mexican restaurant for the party.  Ellie took a picture of Cece and I so I could text it to Jonette and {R}.

One of Matt's presents was this goofy "over the hill" inflatable walker.  The girls and their new friend loved playing with it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Double Stroller

I figured Cece was big enough to try out sitting in the stroller.  Ellie was excited that she was big enough to ride her scooter the whole way.

I have this converter/pillow contraption that works great at supporting the baby.  Cece did awesome in the stroller!  It was a gorgeous day.

Photo credit:  Ellie

There's a "pit" in our neighborhood--a grassy area to collect potential water run-off.  We spent quite a while playing there.  Ellie rolled down the hill and ran around.  Lynnie thought about rolling, and talked about rolling, and laid down so she could roll, and then said she saw a bug and got up.  She did run around for a while.  I got Cece out and we sat on the grass and watched them laugh and play.

After our walk, Ellie wanted to play with Alanna.  She had stripped down when we got home because her pants got muddy from rolling down the hill, and she put back on a dress with two sets of leg warmers.  I loved that she put a set on her arms.

And I just wanted to show a closer look at Lynnie's crown.  Isn't she a beautiful princess?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Nails & FHE

"Mom, can you paint my nails red and lellow, with blue and pupple polka dots?"

You betcha!

One of Greg's Wood Badge goals was to issue a challenge to every Laurel and Priest in the stake to put on the Armor of God, and to carry a challenge coin at all times (that he gave to them, that has the armor printed on it.)  I was looking in our felt stories to get ready for Family Home Evening, and thought it would be fun for Greg to present the Armor of God soldier.  The girls loved taking turns putting on the armor pieces, and Ellie did fabulous reading and finding all of the correct labels.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

General Conference Weekend

I love everything about General Conference weekend:  hanging out as a family, watching the sessions, learning new things, feeling the Spirit, and making lots of food.

During the Priesthood session, the girls and I went to {B}s house to hang out with her family and {R}.  It was so much fun!  Lynnie loved it so much that she drank her milk and fell asleep about 7:30.

{R}s nails matched Cece's binkie.

Ellie was in heaven playing with her new cousins.  They were so nice to her all night.  Here they were playing store.

Greg came over after the Priesthood session was over.  He was a little jealous that {K} got to change his clothes.

We stayed way too late because we were having so much fun!  When we got home, Cece was asleep in minutes.

On Sunday morning, we made cinnamon rolls.  Ellie was super excited to cut out all of the rolls.  She thought it was pretty silly that I gave her dental floss to use.

Lynnie arranged each roll just so in the pan.

I am excited to read the talks and study them more.  What a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hearing Assessment Clinic

We took Cecilia to her first Hearing Assessment Clinic at Primary Children's in Salt Lake.  We met with 5 different doctors/interns/visiting fellows and got kind of their consensus opinion on what is happening with Cece.

Cece's audiologist has given her the diagnosis of Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD) but this team was a little more cautious.  They said it very likely could be ANSD, but that they want to wait and see.  They want more testing and more data to make a final decision.  

The good news about the visit is that they determined that Cece's hearing loss is not part of a larger syndrome.  We also decided to not do genetic testing to determine a cause.  Genetic testing is expensive and may not find anything.  And finding a cause may be interesting to know, but it does not change anything now or going forward. steps:  another ABR in 2 months.  An ophthalmology appointment to double check her eyes.  Continue with early intervention visits.  And as Cece gets older she will be developmentally ready for other tests (like a sound booth) and we will add that in.

Cece was pretty excited to be waiting...

First up was a height and weight check.  With her shirt on, Cece is 10 pounds 4 ounces.

 Ellie and Lynnie love playing at Grandma's house!  They love to play in their rocket ship.  I'm impressed that Grandma keeps storing it for them.

We got home with just enough time to change clothes and head to dance class.  You can't really tell in the picture, but Lynnie is sitting on Ellie's lap.  So sweet!


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