Friday, April 8, 2016

March 29 - April 8

Lynlee was practicing some of her gymnastics moves.

Since Cece is the only attendee at the ASL playgroup, it was decided to end early, and this was our final day.  We met at the Orem Library since the USDB already took over our regular classroom.  I've been working on colors with Cece for a little while, and for the first time, it clicked.  Kristi or I would sign, "where's green?" and she would run and stand on a green square.  Then she would sign green and point, and Kristi & I would move to a green square.  We played this game for over 10 minutes.

Ahhh!  The shark is eating the toys.

We wandered around and found this stage.  The only other time I have been to this library was when we met Tayler there for a Christmas-time visit when Ellie was a baby.  I don't remember a sign then saying "don't touch this" and we took pictures of them in front of the curtain.

Cece loved playing this fishing game with Kristi.

I tried to get Cece to reenact the colors game on the way out, but she was having none of it.  She just wanted to eat the snack that Kristi gave her.

The last Thursday morning play date with Sister Meiners and Paisley!  Sister Meiners made Lynnie this awesome Star Wars shirt.

Ellie was in charge of the camera and she mostly took video, but here is the photographic evidence that we finally "threw out" Cece's bottles.   She was excited to put them all in the bag and put it in the garbage can.

By the next day, this is all of the milk she had drunk.  And she never drank any more milk beyond the sips from this cup.  After about 5 days, she finally started drinking adequate amounts of water.  Up until then, she was eating about 10 applesauce pouches a day and getting her liquidity needs from that...

Lynlee likes to tell me, "I'm obsessed with Star Wars.  And Harry Potter."

On YouTube kids, Cece watches these surprise egg videos, and sometimes the eggs are encased in these little ball things. Well, we found some at the store and had to get a few packs to try out.  It's actually a pretty weird texture -- tougher than I expected. 

We went to violin lessons in the morning (since it is Spring Break) and then went to the aquarium with Grandma.  The parking lot was packed and there were 2 school buses, but it didn't feel overly crowded inside.  We stayed for an hour and then left to get Cece home for a nap.

Kanisha texted to see if they could take Lynlee out to lunch that afternoon.  I had already committed to watching a couple of kids (and Lynnie was excited for her playdate) so they came and hung out with us for the afternoon.  They were nice and did perler beads with Lynnie for a couple of hours. Notice the box with purples, blues, blacks, and whites all mixed up.  My mom started sorting that box that night while she was babysitting and we finished it up before going to bed that night.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Photo Shoot

For the first time since we have had children, Greg was home at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning.  Outside of Mother's Day, that has never happened before.  I can't get over how nice it was to have him there in the Sunday morning chaos.  He made us all pancakes and bacon for breakfast while I went through the routine of getting the girls up and ready for church.  Usually we just grab granola bars or toast in our rush to get out of the door.  Greg was also a big help in getting the girls to be engaged in our mini photo shoot.

. : signing silly : .

Cece is always cute in nursery, but she just was especially cute playing today.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Busy Day -- Gymnastics Exhibition and an Easter Egg Hunt

*warning: picture overload in this post*

Our Saturday started bright and early with a visit from the Easter Bunny.  We like to have the Easter Bunny come on Saturday for a few reasons, most notably that Daddy is home with us in the morning and to keep the focus on Easter on Jesus Christ. 

The big hit was Star Wars light saber toothbrushes.  The win for me is that there is a built in timer, with sound effects and lights.  The girls are brushing longer now, waiting for their tooth brushes to turn off.
After brunch and getting ready, we headed to Lynlee's gymnastics exhibition.  Ellie begged and begged for us to sign her up, and Lynlee reluctantly agreed.  Then, for the first time ever, the gym had over 100 students sign up, so they split it into 3 groups.  Lynlee barely wanted to do it in the first place, and now she was not at the same time as Ellie.  As you can see from the pictures, she pouted the whole time.  It was hilarious.  She was so doing it just for show -- she turned it on and off throughout her event.

Her class walked out with the introduction music and then waited for their turn to perform.

They did a rotation, showing off the skills they've been working on.

Lynlee loves her teacher, Miss Karlie.

Seriously, that face!

At the end of the exhibition, each student's name was called and they got to stand on the 1st place podium.  They were supposed to salute, but Lynnie just stood there.

It was so fun that Albert and Kanisha came to watch Lynlee show off her skills.

After saying good-bye to A&K, we headed to Aunt Rachel and Uncle Todd's annual Easter egg hunt.  Rachel got extra fancy this year, adding cupcake decorating and dying eggs.

After jumping for a few minutes on the trampoline, we went inside so the big kids could hide all of the eggs.

Lynlee was super anxious to get outside and managed to squeeze past Uncle Kent's blocking for a peek.

Cece was the youngest finder this year so she was first out of the door.

Lynlee quickly followed behind.

Cassie was Ellie's special helper and they scored by going to the front yard first.

Parker was Lynlee's special helper.

When we went back in the house, Ellie and Lynnie shared most of their eggs with some of the others that didn't find as many.

We hurried out of the Easter egg hunt to go back to Ellie's exhibition.  We got there right on time, but all of the good seats were taken.  We ended up in the balcony on the back row, and it was really hot.  The girls' cheeks got all red (it wasn't just me who is always hot anyway).

Ellie's exhibition consisted of Level 1, 2, and 3 girls, plus a few of the teams with younger girls.  Ellie loved every minute of the experience.

It was run like an actual meet, walking out with your coach, and then competing on each event.  First, her group would warm up and run through their routines twice.  Then they were scored by a judge.

Lynnie and Cece were not as excited to be there as Ellie was.

I finally got Cece to fall asleep for a nap.  Greg offered to take her, but I liked the snuggles.  Even though -- did I mention? -- it was really hot.

At the end of the exhibition, they started on the awards.  Ellie's Level 1 Group A division had 9 girls.  Ellie placed 3rd on beam, and also got a 7th, 8th, 8th, and 8th in All Around.

The awards kept going, and going, and going.  After over an hour, at 5:30, we walked downstairs and sent Lynnie out on the floor to get Ellie.  We raced home, where I changed quickly, and made it back to the church at 5:58 for the Women's Session of General Conference.  What a fun day!


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