Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Headers

Well, I know it is officially a new year when I remember to create new headers for all of the blogs.  I love the website wordle.net to create the collages I use.  It is as easy as putting my words in a Word document (so I don't accidentally lose them from the website), playing around with the formatting (hitting re-layout or re-color is my favorite thing), taking a screen shot of the best ones, and then cropping the picture down.

I seriously spend way too much time playing around with different combinations.  It is all randomized, so sometimes I get frustrated because I want to change one little thing.  But it is all or nothing -- and that is just fine!

The more times you type a word, the bigger that word is.  Here, I have TenderMercies 8 times, our names and LOVE 4 times, twenty-fifteen 3 times, and the other words 1 time.

Friday, January 9, 2015

December 31 - January 9

Lynnie wanted her face to be painted like the Wicked Witch of the West.  Alanna was happy to do it for her.

Cece was not very interested in taking a selfie to celebrate the new year, but I perservered until we had a good one.

We had fun with the Kinghorns and Tammy over for a New Year's Day party.  Megan has been home from her mission to Chicago for only a couple of weeks, and it was great to catch up with her and hear about her experiences.  She also showed me her excellent missionary listening skills, and heard about our lives and everything that is going on.  (literally).

Lynnie was fascinated with Skyler and was totally his buddy all day.  She snuggled him on the couch, and even... 

...drank her milk with him.

There is nothing quite as nice as snuggling a baby when you are both sound asleep.

Showing off her new Hello Kitty pajama pants.

These girls love to pull out (what seems like) every toy we own.  Every day.  I love to watch them play together, and I love that they are good cleaner-uppers.

We had a great Christmas visit with {R} and some special friends.  {R} spent two weeks with her family in another state over Christmas, and this was our first chance to get together.  Poor Cece was not very sociable.  She woke up cranky that morning, was cranky throughout church, did not get a good nap, and was cranky through dinner.  {R} is very patient and just loves Cece no matter what.  But I can't wait until Cece is able to show that love back!

Greg and I took Cece to Primary Children's Hospital for a Hearing Clinic.  I don't know that the meeting was highly successful or useful, but we got Cece's medical records updated with how things are going now, and had 4 doctors tell us, basically, that we needed to stay the course and see how things go as Cece grows.

Having an ENT check you out is never fun.

Going out for sushi with mom and dad is fun, though.

And the most fun all day?  Playing in the bath and then drying off with the towel that was a Christmas present from my birth mom!

Lynnie has been struggling to stay in her bed all night.  She always wakes up to go potty in the middle of the night, and we had a little battle going for a few days to get her to go back to sleep afterwards and not wake up Ellie because she was throwing a fit.  We finally have it all worked out.  But sometimes we wake up in the morning to find Lynnie sleeping on the floor somewhere.  It was funny to find her sound asleep underneath her coloring table.

Cece woke up from her nap and was just so mad.  I hurried to her room to find her fruitlessly trying to get her blanket.  Did it fall out of her crib or did she purposely drop it?  Hmmm, I guess we'll never know!

Thursday, January 8, 2015


We made it back to the Aquarium with Grandma and had a fun afternoon.  We weren't brave enough to touch the live starfish, but we did like touching the turtle shell and the shark teeth.

Seeing the Sea Turtle was a lot of fun.

The penguins were Lynnie's favorite animal to see.

 Next we went to a 20 minute 4D movie.  It kind of traumatized all of us.  We got sprayed with a blast of water and air, and Cece cried until I got her to fall asleep.  Lynnie snuggled Grandma and was grumpy for a long time.

Ellie tried so hard to comfort Lynnie after the movie.  We went back to the penguins to cheer ourselves up.

Right after this fabulous picture, we had another tragedy.  There was a souvenir penny machine, and I had enough change to make one for the girls to share.  They picked a penguin, and I was cranking the machine around to line it up correctly.  Lynnie leaned in a little too close and I smacked her forehead with the crank.  Wowsers!  We headed to the snack bar to get some ice to hold on her head, but she got a big bump and a bruise on her eyebrow.  She is pretty tough, though, and managed to calm down enough to try and go see the otters.  But after seeing them for a minute, we were done and headed to Grandma's house for some snacks, relaxation, and violin lessons.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


The girls have not figured out yet how to wake up early for Christmas morning.  We get up at our normal time, which is awesome for all of us!  I snuck downstairs and got some pictures of all of the lovely presents and then went back upstairs to get the whole family.

We changed into our new Christmas pajamas and tried for a picture on the stairs.

Then it was time to go downstairs and explore the gifts from Santa Claus and open our gifts to each other.

I gave myself a rule a few years ago to have three presents each for the girls from Greg and I.  I actually stuck to that rule this year (for the first time), but it was still too much by the time you add in the girls' gifts to each other and gifts from grandparents, birth parents, aunts and uncles.  Greg and I decided that next year that we will do three presents from Santa and Mom & Dad combined.

Greg was confused at what his gift was!

To Mom:  I will help you cook lunch and dinner.

Cece's favorite things was the box with the bows.

Another thing I love about the girls and how they open presents is that they really take the time to soak in each present before moving on.  When we opened their books, we read a couple of stories.

These new earrings were a better idea than they were in execution.  We had to put them up because they would not stay on their ears and Cece was better at finding the dropped ones than we were.

Trying to get a picture by the tree was an adventure.  I love how their personalities are shining through each attempt.

We loved FaceTiming with the crowd in Montana -- Uncle Kyle, Aunt Jonette, Kylene, Kiera, Kaysen, Aunt Tammy, Uncle Daniel, Grandma and Grandpa.

After playing for a while, we all realized we were hungry and we headed upstairs to eat some breakfast.  For the first time, I gave Cece a banana without using her silicone feeder.  She loved it -- and she loved smearing it everywhere.

Ellie was still pretty sick and she fell asleep on the couch while Greg and I were making pancakes.

After breakfast and Cece's bath, I realized I had not taken any pictures with my phone yet that I could text to our birth parents, so we snapped a couple and sent off some love.

It was pretty exciting that we woke up to snow, and Lynnie was Daddy's special helper outside.

Greg and Lynnie had a great time building a snowman.

After Ellie's nap, she felt well enough to try out her new bike.  There is a sticker on it that says "always wear helmet" and Ellie likes to follow directions.

Downward Dog is always a fun trick.


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