Saturday, February 14, 2015

February 5 - 14

Lynnie put on a good show for me one morning on the way to preschool.  At the beginning of February.  And she was in a t-shirt and skirt and perfectly comfortable at 9:30 a.m.  What happened to our winter?

Time for haircuts!  Lynnie wanted hers short again, and Ellie just got a trim.

When we got home, the girls played "hair cutter," complete with Ellie washing Lynnie's hair.

Kiera came in town for the weekend, and we got to hang out Friday night.  It was fun to meet her new roommates, and Ellie wanted to show her how well she plays the Tuka Tuka rhythm on the Twinkle song on her violin.  Kiera played the piano accompaniment and it brought tears to my eyes to see them playing together.

We "helped" Ky move into her new townhouse.  We really were just the entertainment and didn't really get a lot accomplished.  Ellie and Lynnie played in Ky's downstairs room and I tried to keep Cece happy while unpacking a box or two.

Lunch with Tobyn was the highlight of the day for Lulu!

. : silly faces : .

In an effort to eat more vegetables, I have been trying to make green smoothies every day for breakfast.  Lynnie says she likes them, and will take a drink or two before being done.  Ellie won't try them.  Cece loves them and drinks a ton.

We went to the aquarium with Lynnie's birth dad and his girlfriend and had a blast.

Lynnie and Ellie made little Valentine's treats for Albert and Kanisha, and Lynnie "wrapped" them in socks.  She thought it would be like Christmas stockings.

We spent about an hour playing on at the indoor playground.

 Ellie spent most of her time on the monkey bars and had blisters on both palms to show for it.

Cece was not a fan of this penguin, but Ellie and Lynnie loved it.

Kanisha was brave and touched the sea urchin.

Albert loved Lynnie's outfit -- a princess dress and vintage Jordans.

We had an epic toy clean-out, and brought every single toy that was upstairs into my bedroom.  We sorted and organized, and then each girl picked 10 toys and 10 stuffed animals to keep out, and I put the rest in the storage room.  All of this went in storage.  I told them we would trade out toys in a month.  I probably will put most of these toys in the playroom and put the playroom toys in storage.  Once those are in the storage room for a while, I will be able to DI most of them.  Out of sight, out of mind.  It has been amazing how much more the girls have played with their toys in the days since.  With less choices, they use what they have effectively.

What was left.

 Lynnie loves to hold Cece lately, and always wants to try it.  Sometimes it is fine with Cece, and sometimes it is not appreciated much.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

Another birthday has come and gone, and Greg spoiled me.  I am loving this birthday tradition he started a few years back.  It's my one spa day of the year, and it is an appreciated luxury!

For a special treat, I got to take Ellie to school all by myself.  Usually, Greg takes her and they have a routine of parking the car and walking in together.  The days that I take her (when Greg goes early to work), I have all the girls with me, and we just go through the drop off line and Ellie runs in.  Since we were alone today, we parked the van and walked in together.  It is so fun to see Ellie with her friends and watch her routine.

Then I was off to my day of pampering.  Greg, through his business contacts, found a spa in Springville called The Retreat.  They had a package for Valentine's Day that I was able to take advantage of, with a pedicure, manicure, and 75 minute massage.  It was awesome!  After my pampering there, I stopped and got a haircut on my way home.

I was greeted at home with a fixed toilet and lots of cards and gifts.

 Then we loaded up in the van and went out to dinner together.  This cutie decided to try and color like her big sisters, and she used her left hand the whole time.

She also decided she loves to drink water from the end of a straw.  Those lips are to die for!

We capped off the night with Family Home Evening, and...

...some dessert we brought home from the Pizza Factory.  We didn't have 40 candles, so Greg just put in a 4.  Close enough.  

It was the perfect birthday!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cece's Birthday Party

Cece is teething again and it is a rough thing for her.  She was grumpy all day long as I was trying to finish all of the cleaning and baking for her party, and was only happy when I was holding her.  I managed to get the bare minimum done for her party -- and it turned out just fine.  Ellie and Lynnie took on the decorations and did a great job taping up the Happy Birthday banner, and coloring some decorations that they then cut out and taped on the walls.

Lynnie spread the frosting on the cupcakes and did the sprinkles.  She was a big help.

waving to her guests was OK

Cece is a pretty good eater, so I thought she would love her cupcake.  She wasn't really interested.  She crumbled it up but spit out the bites she took.

I love watching {R} and Cece interact.  I am praying fervently for the day that Cece will show love back to {R} instead of being sassy and grumpy with her...

After a bath to get cleaned up, where Cece screamed bloody murder the whole time (highly unusual), it was present time.  Cece perked up as she opened her presents, and all of the other children crowded close to help her.

We are grateful to everyone who came to Cece's party.  It is so fun to celebrate her first year of life!


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