Monday, June 15, 2015

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Grandma and Grandpa Spencer are celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 15.  We were excited that we {finally} got a chance to have Kyle, Jonette, and Macy stay with us.  Really, Ellie was excited.  She had just hurt her foot and was sad about that...

Cece quickly warmed up to Macy and loved following her around.

This good looking crew had a fun time golfing Monday morning.

This is the only picture I took at the 50th Wedding Anniversary Party.  The fabulous Emily Thornton was there taking real pictures, and I am excited to see those in the next few weeks.  

The party was fabulous!  All 10 children were there and all of the grandchildren except for Clay who is serving a mission.  Tammy organized the party and she did an amazing job!  It was a wonderful walk down memory lane, with friends representing many phases of their lives present.  Aunt Margaret even came in as a surprise.  It was a great night.

The next morning we had to say good-bye to Kaysen, Kyle and Jonette.  Until next time!

back row: Virgil, Ed (grandpa's brother), Dan (nephew), Dave (brother-in-law)
front row: Margaret (sister), Cheryl (Ed's wife), Tamara

Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 9 - 13

Back to dance class, and Miss Annie, their regular teacher, was there.  She invited the parents to sit in the room for this first class, and I was very impressed with her creativity in teaching the movements as well as the way she directed the class.  She took Lynnie and matter-of-factly had her participating, no problem. 

First time putting on her new "princess" nightgown, and Cece looks so cute.  Pink is a great color for her.

We started off with a bang working on our Lehi Unplugged badges. And then after earning our first 2, we have not made time to do anymore...  First up, building a fort.

Next badge?  Taking a bike ride.

We also love playing at home.  I'm trying to do "school time" every day where we work in our workbooks.

Cece is turning into quite the climber.  She tried to do the slide for a while, and Lynnie tried to help her.

We introduced Cece to the wonders of Play Dough.  She liked stacking the cups and throwing the play dough on the floor the best.

We ordered a bunk bed set for the girls a while ago, but it has been on back order.  There have been a couple of shipments, but we are far enough down on the list that ours is still waiting.  With company coming for the weekend, we needed to set up the guest room again, so Greg borrowed a truck from work and we went and picked up the mattresses (those were not on back order).  Ellie didn't want to pose for a picture in the truck window.

Albert and Kanisha were nice and came and played with the girls while Greg and I went to a sealing.  They were extra nice, trying to play in the sprinklers with them.  And extra extra nice because we were more than an hour late getting home (someone after the sealing grabbed the president to talk to him, and it turned into a long conversation).

Friday, June 5, 2015

Lyssa's Graduation

The girls and I got to drive up to the Huntsman Center on the U campus to celebrate Lyssa as she graduated from Cyprus High School.    I clearly do not know all of the tricks, because it took us about 45 minutes to go one block as we were trying to get into the Institute parking lot.  The saddest thing for me was watching the crowds of people coming out from the graduation before Lyssa's, who blatantly ignored the policemen trying to direct traffic.  Once we got in the parking lot, it was a complete standstill.  There were plenty of empty spaces, but cars would not move out of the way.  Too many people trying to turn left, and they would sit for minutes waiting for a break in the oncoming traffic, rather than turning right and going around the block.  It was crazy.

We gave ourselves almost 2 hours to get to the graduation and we were late.

Oh, well.

We got to see Lyssa sing with her choir, and I got to use the telephoto lens.

. : Lyssa's brief moment to shine : .

Ellie entertained herself by playing with Adam, Lauren, and Lauren's little sister.

. : the proud parents discussing something very important : .

. : proud grandma : .

. : Lynnie and Cece played with each other : .

. : Ellie loves to "steal" graduation caps : .

We had more of an adventure getting home.  2 hours to get out of our parking lot (dang people trying to turn left!), which put us solidly in the middle of Friday afternoon 5:00 traffic.  Cece screamed for all of about 8 minutes of our 3 hour adventure.  For those blessed 8 minutes, she was asleep.  Until grumpy Lynnie shouted at Ellie, which woke Cece up and started the screaming all over again.

Good thing we love Lyssa so much!  The day was worth the adventure.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 2 - 4

I think with summer upon us, I thought we would have all of this time for adventures and classes.  And I may have signed us up for too many things...

On Tuesday morning, we started our summer dance class.  Miss Brandi was substituting, and the girls had so much fun with her.

Cece and I had fun in the hallway.  Cece loves to color, and especially loves to take all of the crayons out of the bag, and then put them back in again.

Tuesday afternoon we had our very first gymnastics class at Arete Gymnastics.  The girls did awesome and had a lot of fun.

Cece loves to be wherever her big sisters are.

On Wednesday, Lynnie had a fun birthday party to go to at Kangaroo Zoo.  Mia is now 4!  Kind Sister Gardiner also invited Ellie along to play with Hannah.  Lynnie warmed up fairly quickly and decided that she like the octopus slide.

. : love Lynnie's face in this picture : . 

Cece likes to take her sisters' headbands and wear them for just a few minutes.


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