Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 Christmas Letter

I have not done a Christmas letter for a few years because our lives do not really change, so there was nothing new to brag about it. In fact, I have not done a letter in enough years that I have dropped off of other people's lists, because no one had our updated address. Shame on me! I rectified that this year and got my letters out last week. Jonette, Dad, Amy, and Scott - I mailed your stuff last Thursday. Hopefully you have it by now - except for Amy. Yours won't make it before Christmas. I am really sorry about that. Not sorry enough to pay $28 for it to have a chance to make it on time, but sorry.

Just a note on our address. The county platted our subdivision incorrectly, but they caught the mistake and updated our street address. So, if it is slightly different than what you have written down, please update it now to the one in the letter.

Below is a version of my letter that I just made on Scrapblog. Beth told me about this site, and now I am having fun creating all sorts of things! I hope it is big enough that you can read it. If it's not, just click on the picture and it will become bigger.

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