Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New adoption website

LDSFS has started a new adoption website, with better search funtions for birth parents. To check out our new profile, click here, continue as a guest, and "find a profile by ID or names." Just type in Greg, Heather, and Utah, and you will find us.

Let me know what you think, and what I can make better. I think it is great that so much more information is now available online (even though it took many, many hours to get all of the new information up). I like the new search functions. I also worry that I have not included enough words that will get searched by birth parents. I am really open to suggestions! What can I make better?

I also know that some of our pictures did not turn out very well, or got cut off. It says on the photo upload page that "the maximum size that will be displayed on ItsAboutLove.org is 450 pixels wide x 450 pixels tall." Anyone know how I can resize my pictures to meet their guidelines?

Thanks for taking a look and giving me feedback. This site (at beta.itsaboutlove.org) will eventually completly replace the original one, and migrate over to the current web address of itsaboutlove.org. I will update our link on the right at that time.

Exciting stuff! We really want to find a baby this year. With your help, we can make it happen!


Kelly said...

Heather-the new website/profile looks so good. You're probably looking for better feedback than that--but I just really liked it. It felt real to me--like you are both fun, warm, normal people with so much to offer a child. Good job!

Jonette said...

I think the new website is great! We appreciate that we were apart of your favorite vacation Heather! What about Disneyland? That was fun too! Thanks for the goodies you sent with G-ma. It makes us feel so special that you always remember us. We love you and pray everyday for a baby to come your way!


Kelly said...


Jared knows how to resize your pictures. He says call him or email your pictures to him at kjmeiners@gmail.com and he can help you

Mary said...

I like your profile - your personalities really shine through. I was surprised that i had to get to the second page with the search "Greg Heather Utah." Your picture is great. I'd stop and read it because it's so fun and different.

Gabe and Emily said...

I think your profile is wonderful. You and Greg are great people and I think it shows through the information you have chosen to share. Our prayers are with you in this endeavor. Emily

Irno said...

My family can also instruct on the resizing issue, or take care of it for you. Let us know. Either my Dad or Russ can do it.


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