Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

My New Year's Eve started with a phone call from Amy. She was calling to tell me that it was already the New Year in Dubai and that she had fun at her party. It was great to talk and get caught up. She had recently seen Twilight - and it just amazes me what a worldwide phenomenon this is! She said the waiting list for the books at her school library is months long, and the library has multiple copies. Interesting!

Then we had Greg's family over to hang out and ring in the new year. Our house always feels huge to me until we have 20 people over. Here is the list of attendees: Mom, Dad, Daniel, & Tammy; Todd, Rachel, Clayton, Jace, Cassie, & Tylan; Paul, Staci, Dallin, Parker, & Kyralyn; Tanya, Dave, & Andrew; and Kent & Jessica. Brayden did not come because he was with some friends, trying to stay awake for 72 hours straight. Seriously, he is trying to stay awake for 72 HOURS STRAIGHT! Apparently, it is an assignment for his Psychology class. Every 12 hours they have to read something and write a summary of it. It is supposed to test their comprehension as they get more and more sleep deprived. Interesting idea. Apparently only one kid has ever made it the entire 72 hours in however many years this teacher has been doing this assignment. Brayden is trying to make it at least 60 hours before giving up.

So we ate lots of food and watched some football and some James Bond and played some games. I got a new game called 5 Crowns for Christmas, so we started by trying that. It was really fun and easy to learn (a variation of Gin Rummy). While our group was playing that at the kitchen table, Greg and Kent were having a backgammon tournament. Then it was on to Settlers of Cataan. It was a nice night! Here are some group shots showing us packed in to the family room.

Andrew was not feeling very well, and he would not let me hold him. He just wanted to snuggle with his mom and dad and Auntie Tammy.

At an exciting point in Goldeneye, everyone stopped what they were doing to watch for a minute. And, of course, Dan was directing the scene!

Dallin spent most of the night in our bedroom watching Star Wars movies and playing games with the other kids. I went in to take his picture, but he wasn't very excited about that. But then Kyralyn climbed up on the bed with him, and he let me take their picture together. What a nice big brother!

Kyralyn got a doll for Christmas, and her name is New Baby. Very creative name from the 2-year-old, don't you think? Kyralyn is so pretty!

Tylan stole a little smokie from Clay, and then let me take a cheesy picture. He was trying to eat it without getting his fingers dirty. (I really appreciate that!). And, Dan had to give Jess a kiss.

2008 has been a great year. It was nice to get together with family to celebrate the beginning of another year. Here's to the best year ever!

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