Monday, February 9, 2009

8 Favorites

I have been tagged a few times, so I thought I should comply. Here are my lists:

8 Favorite TV Shows
(Note: I am a reality TV show junkie, so my favorites should come as no surprise to anyone)
  1. The Amazing Race
  2. Survivor
  3. American Idol
  4. So You Think You Can Dance
  5. Dancing With The Stars
  6. Jon & Kate Plus 8
  7. 17 Kids and Counting
  8. Burn Notice
8 Restaurants I Love
  1. Rumbi Island Grill
  2. Cafe Rio
  3. Kneaders (go birthday breakfasts!)
  4. Applebee's
  5. Pickle Barrel in Bozeman
  6. I have fond memories of this steakhouse outside of Bozeman...but I can't remember the name. They had the best steaks! We have a hard time eating steaks in Utah because it is not the same
  7. IHOP with Amy (for the company more than the food)
  8. can't think of another favorite
8 Things I Did Yesterday
  1. Planned my sharing time (love Found a great idea for yesterday. Can you decipher "No As Fame Lee His Purr Tech Did Fur Am Thief Thud"?
  2. Made my healthier version of German Pancakes (my favorite breakfast lately) [cut up 2 apples, and coat in 1 T sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cloves. Put apples and 2 T butter in 9x13 pan and put in oven, while heating to 400 degrees. Beat 6 eggs, 1 c whole wheat flour, and 1 c milk together. When oven is hot, pour on top of apples and mix together. Bake 18-20 minutes]
  3. Read The Friend while eating breakfast
  4. Went to church
  5. Read a book (Janette Rallison's newest, called My Fair Godmother. It was fabulous!)
  6. Went to Mary & Bill's house for dinner
  7. Read another book (Fame, Glory, and Other Things On My To Do List by Janette Rallison - also fairly fabulous for a light-hearted read)
  8. Watched NCIS with Greg
8 Things I Look Forward To
  1. Adopting a baby
  2. Being caught up as a teacher, especially for my online class (yeah, right)
  3. Attending my Institute classes every week with Gwen
  4. When Greg gets home from a game and we have time to talk
  5. Basketball season being over (I am totally supportive of Greg ref-fing, but this is the point of basketball season when I really start missing him)
  6. Going to Dubai in 5 weeks
  7. Going on our Alaskan cruise in September
  8. Baby-sitting Daniel tonight
8 Places I Would Love To Go
  1. Jerusalem
  2. Australia
  3. Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana (after I get to Alaska, those are the only states I have left)
  4. The Caribbean (on a cruise, of course)
  5. Portugal (to see where Greg went on his mission)
  6. Mexico - preferably with Kyle & Jonette and family [hint, hint!]
  7. New York City
  8. The Library of Congress
"No As Fame Lee His Purr Tech Did Fur Am Thief Thud" is translated as "Noah's family is protected from the flood."


Kelly said...

You can stay with my parents in Louisiana - although they're in the NW corner and I bet you're looking to go to New Orleans.

Elizabeth said...

I am so proud of myself for translating your Primary "mad gab" :)

Angie said...

We would love to have you stay with us here in Texas if you would like a free (not quiet!) place to stay! Seriously, anytime.

Heather said...

Thanks for the offers of free places to stay! When we get that trip planned, I will probably take you up on those. Here come the houseguests...

And Elizabeth, I always knew you were a smart cookie!

Mary said...

Thanks for playing along with this tag - it's always fun to learn more about you. Good thing you told me what the mad gab was. I was pretty hopeless. Your trips sound SO fun!


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