Sunday, February 22, 2009


Children are a delight and a joy and definitely a tender mercy. Last Wednesday, Greg and I had the opportunity to go to the Draper Temple Open House. We were in the same group as some fun people from our ward, Josh and Susy and their 3 kids. Their little boy, Jaxon, used to be in my Primary class and they are all smart little cookies.

We started at a church and watched a video on temples, and then they bussed us up to the temple. The oldest girl, Taylor, saved us seats on the bus, and we had fun chatting all they way up the hill. After the bus dropped us off, we walked for a while through this covered walkway. We started off, and then the littlest girl, Emma, looked around and reached up her hand and took my hand. It totally melted my heart!

Children are so sweet and loving! Greg and I were talking on the way home from the open house, and Greg said that is why it is so hard when children are harmed, because they are so trusting and innocent.

Then, today at church, I heard another funny story. Michelle was telling her children about our ward book club last week, and when she said I was there, her 4 year-old daughter said, "I know her; she is the one with the pretty dresses." How about that for a compliment?

Even with their "tragedies," kids are adorable. Today at church we had 2 criers. One never told me what was wrong, but she seemed better after we just sat together for a few minutes. The other was a little boy that felt that no one in his class ever listened to his ideas. After telling me about it, he was OK and went back. I can totally sympathize with feeling that people are not listening to you, and being frustrated with it. It is interesting to me how children are constantly learning how to deal with their emotions. Do I know how to deal with my emotions, or do I just mask them and act politely?

One of the reasons why I love teaching piano is that I get to hang out with kids so much. I have only ever taught piano to have children come to our home every week. It is so much fun to be a part of their lives as they are growing up. One of my favorite things to do is go on 8-week treats. If my piano kids practice for 8 weeks in a row, and have good attitudes at their lesson, then I will take them and a friend out for a treat (usually ice cream). Here are 3 of my piano kids with their friends. Love the blue tongues on Elena and Kimberly! Tyler and Madelin always want to go to Artic Circle (because it's cheap and they get both shakes and fries). Briggs and Lexi seemed more than happy to go along.


Gabe and Emily said...

I finished reading North & South (loved it!) and I'm planning a trip to the library to pick up the flick - I'll let you know what I think of Mr. Thornton.

The Burninghams said...

Hurray we made the blog!!! :) Yes children can just melt your heart. I was surprised when Emma did not want to hold me hand. She has always been such a momma's girl. That says a lot about you that she wanted you. :)


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