Thursday, February 12, 2009

The new adoption website

One of the cool features of the new adoption website is the ability to look at some statistics. This feature was just released today. Here are our numbers:

Profile statistics since your profile was published.

Your profile message page has been viewed 137 times.

Your photo album has been been viewed 75 times.

Your getting to know us page has been viewed 29 times.

Your contact us page has been viewed 15 times.

I think our numbers are so high because so many of you have taken the time to look at our profile. Thanks for doing that!

I have made some edits of our letter and resized all of my pictures (finally figured out how to do that). The new stuff is not showing up yet, though, even though I made the changes on Monday. I am going to contact our case worker and see how long it will take for the updated profile will be published. Thanks for everyone's feedback.

P.S. I already picked up my newly fixed car last night. It was just the computer chip that tells the fuel pump to put fuel in the engine. One part and an hour of labor, and we are good to go. Here's to at least 12 more months out of our 11-year-old car!


Kathryn said...

AMEN! to getting 12 more months out of an 11-year old car! Our Suburban must be getting so tired of lugging us about. Sigh.

And hooray for the good news on YOUR car. :)

Mary said...

I can't believe how high those numbers are. Hopefully 1 of them is THE one. That's a lot of work you put into the site. Great job and hooray about the car.


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