Monday, February 16, 2009

Stake Conference and Valentine's Day

We have had a great weekend full of wonderful meetings and Valentine's Day celebrations. I have had a bunch of reminders this week that I need to take more time to be thoughtful and reflective.

Greg usually gets me flowers a few times a year, including on my birthday and on Valentine's Day. It's great to have fresh flowers for about a month straight! This year, my birthday flowers are still going strong, so I have two bouquets on my table. I am pretty spoiled at this time of year, I know!

Daisies are my favorite flower, so Greg always gets those for my birthday, and roses are Valentine's Day are a given, right?

We got a new Stake Presidency at this conference, and since Greg is on the High Council he got to have a 7-minute interview with Elder Ballard. After Greg got home from his interview we hung out for a while (and he was really excited about me taking his picture), and then he went back to the Leadership Session. He came home and got me and we went back to the Adult Session. My favorite thing that Elder Ballard talked about was that we need to "Be still, and know that I am God" (Psalms 46:10). I needed that reminder to focus on what is important; to take a few minutes every day to reflect on the tender mercies that are evident in my life.

After the session, we tried to go to Paradise Bakery with Joanna & Merrill and Gwen & David. The bakery was already closed, so Jo & Merrill went home to get their kids to bed and we went with Gwen & David to Olive Garden for a little celebration dinner.

As I think about all of the tender mercies evident in my life, I am most grateful today for Greg and the way he takes care of me. I came down with a cold on Friday, and this weekend it was all about me as he made me food and let me take naps and fetched things for me. He is the greatest husband in the world, and I am really grateful that I snatched him up (even though my family thought I was crazy at the time)!

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