Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Party

I have had a great week! It started last Monday by being able to babysit my nephew Andrew. Gwen had set up visiting teaching appointments, so Andrew just came with us. He was so good! He was a little sleepy so he was pretty snuggly. I have never had him cuddle up with me like that before - normally he just wants Mommy or Grandma or Aunt Tammy (hard to compete with amazing women like that!). This time I was the best option, so he took it. He even fell asleep for about 15 minutes at Nina's house.

When we got back home we played with this car that drives off of a track for a long time, and then he pushed a baby around in a baby stroller until Tanya got back. Andrew was pretty mellow for me, and the instant Tanya walked in the door he was much more animated. He really knows how to push Tanya's buttons! Tanya is such a good mom. Andrew is clearly completely in love with her. Someday I want to be a mom just like her.

Then my dad wrote a blog post about me for my birthday. It is interesting to see how he sees me - an interesting look into his perspective. It's a little embarrassing, but in a good way. Thanks, Pops, for making my day!

Yesterday at church we had a pretty funny moment. We were sitting behind Mary and Bill and their children (loved this pic, Mary!). Right in front of us were Emily, Carolyn, and Nathan. Greg snuck one of his extremely long arms up and tapped Carolyn on the left shoulder. She immediately turned to Emily and said, "What?" Emily, of course, looked very confused and gave Carolyn a completely blank stare. Next Carolyn turned to Nathan and said, "what?" Nathan also looked confused. Carolyn looked back and forth a couple of times before figuring out that her brother and sister were telling the truth and did not know what she was talking about. So she peeked back and us, and I pointed at Greg. Greg gave her an innocent face, but Carolyn is too smart for that and knew that Greg had done it. She waggled her finger at Greg, and then suddenly pointed at her eyes with 2 fingers and then pointed at Greg, before emphatically turning back to face the front. We were rolling! The finger pointing was so spontaneous and genuine (and Carolyn looked over her shoulder at Greg many times over the rest of Sacrament Meeting). She is so spunky!

Last night we had all of Greg's family and my mom and Gwen & David over for the Super Bowl/my birthday. We've had people over enough times now that the kids know the routine, and they totally have the run of the place. Love hearing all of the noise and the giggles!

My new toy for my birthday is a digital camera. I have had so much fun getting to know it and take pictures! We finally entered the digital age... I have been resistant because I love love love my camera, and it takes fabulous pictures. But I can already tell that this is going to be a good thing and a fairly easy transition. I turned the camera over to Clay for a while and he must have snapped 50 pictures. He took a lot of good ones. I will put my favorites below, and if you want to see all of them, I have uploaded them to Picasa here.

We had so much food! I tried to get a picture illustrating the magnitude of the goodies, but I do not think the picture even does it justice. The big hit of the night was that Todd & Rachel made homemade wontons and egg rolls. They were so good! And thanks to Kent & Jessica for bringing the 3D glasses for the halftime show, and for forgetting to take them home again. If anyone needs 3D glasses, let me know.

This is my new favorite picture of Tylan. He is such a good boy, and a total ham! He gives the best hugs (almost squeezing your neck off of your shoulders). I hope he never grows out of it. He probably will, though. Kaysen used to be a snuggly boy, but he is way to big for that at (almost) 10.

It is really fun to watch Brayden with Andrew. Brayds is so gentle with the little Bobo!


The big surprise of the night was when the door bell rang, and Dan ran to open it, and walked back with Jasmine, Rod & Jayme's daughter (who live in California). I was very confused until Jayme walked in behind them. She and her mom came for a visit, and came to us first! It was fun to see them. Jasmine so cute! Here she is giving Kyralyn a kiss, and hanging out with Andrew.

Every time Danny comes over he has to play the piano. He has his routine down, and he plugs in his headphones and his microphone, turns on the piano, and finds the preprogrammed songs that he likes, and then he sings with the piano. He can do this for hours! He was funny last night because he did not want to play with the other kids in the basement. He just wanted to play the piano.

Since he was a baby, Brayden has always sat on his feet in such an interesting position. They point out to either side. I just think it looks extremely painful, but Brayden insists it is the most comfortable way to sit. I caught Clay with his feet in a weird position, so I had Brayds go and sit next to him so I could snap this picture.

And here are the rest of the pictures that I liked. Enjoy them! And thanks to everyone who remembered my birthday and have called me today. It makes me feel so special! Big shout out to Amy, who called me 3 - count 'em, 3 - times.


The Gardner Family said...

Wow! Your Dad's blog was right on!! Amazing!! There are so many single words in that blog where I kept saying, yep, that's Heather. Yep, that's Heather too. I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday!! Love ya!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry I was slacker yesterday. I thought of you at least 18 times and tried to find your email address, but I couldn't. I should have just broken down and called you, but I figured you'd be busy since it was a Monday. I hope you had a wonderful day! And your dad was right --you're fabulous!!

Beth said...

How fun!

And I nearly cried when I read what Pops wrote. So true!

I hope you had a great day!


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