Monday, March 9, 2009


You know what they say about a bad dress rehearsal guaranteeing a good performance? Well, it certainly was true for many of piano kids on Saturday! I mentioned in my last post that not all of them performed up to their potential at the Recital; however, they all stepped it up and did really well at Festival.

My day was exciting. I drove to Orem and back home 3 times during the day to listen to my kids and to do a judging session. My mom came down and was a judge with me, and I took Kinz, one of my favorite piano students (is it OK to have favorites?) with me as well to be the person who fills out all of the paperwork and the certificates. We had a lot of fun driving down. Kinz was a natural being the auditor. It was her first time trying it, and she did great. It was fun for her to sit on the other side of the table, after being a participant for 6 years.

I was well pleased with my students. I am happy that they were all happy with their performances. They work so hard, and I want so desparately for them to do the best that they can and to be satisfied with their effort.

After Festival, Mom, Kinz and I grabbed a little dinner and then met Todd & Rachel et al. for a Jericho Road concert. They are a Mormon-pop group, and they did OK. The best part was that they had a 2nd show that night, so to get us out of the auditorium and let the new people in, they only kept us for an hour.

As we were driving Kinz home after, we were talking about her new/old house. Her parents have been completely renovating their house over the last year, and they are almost done. They had moved in to another house for the duration, and are excited to be getting ready to move in. The old house is close to her current house, so we drove by to see the outside. Luckily for us, her parents were still there putting in the slate floor, so Kinz took us in and Ann gave us the grand tour. The house is GORGEOUS and totally made me covetous. I felt like I was in a Parade of Homes mansion. (Greg and I like to go to the Parade of Homes, but I only let myself go every couple of years, because I want things too much.) I am really happy for their family that they are able to do it.

Yesterday Greg flew home from his basketball tournament, and he is officially done with referee stuff for the year. Well, until he starts going to camps in June. At least I get him home in the evenings for a while!

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