Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun times

Last week Jayme and Rod were here visiting, and we had fun going over to Greg's parents and hanging out. It is so cute to watch Jasmine and Andrew together!

Tanya and Tammy are both wizzes at playing Super Mario and Super Mario 3 (the old Nintendo versions). We have them downloaded to the Wii, and it was fun to watch Andrew pretend to play along.

After a while, Andrew was tired of all of these people sitting on the floor playing and not playing with him. Here he is trying to get Tammy's attention:

He obviously won, eventually! Sorry about this video - I shot it with my camera turned, and now I cannot figure out how to rotate it.

My favorite picture of the night I am calling "Like Father, Like Son." It is amazing how many mannerisms we pick up from our parents!

We had fun hanging out and playing cards, and playing bowling with Dan on the Wii. Family members are a tender mercy - the acceptance and joy I feel from being around them.

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Life's Journey said...

So I should've told you this earlier, but for some reason didn't, but as I read this post I had to laugh because I realized as I came across the picture of how Uncle and cousin were posed at the computer, I realized that I too, was posed the same way. I think it must, run in the family. How funny.
Happy Days


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