Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The things you learn

I love my piano kids! All of them are a delight most of the time, and most all of them are a delight and totally pleasant to be around week in and week out.

It's amazing the things you learn from kids and their stories. Two stand out from this week.

Sadie won her school story-telling contest. She wrote her own story about the 3 goats trying to go over the troll's bridge. Her goats are Barbie Thumbelina, Napolean Dynamite, and Darth Vader. When she came to piano on Tuesday, she performed her story for me - and I mean it when I say she performed her story. It was awesome!

My favorite lines: "Troll, I am your father."

Troll: "What are you doing?" Napolean: "Whatever I want. Gosh!"

Her performance included sound effects and perfectly timed pauses for laughter, and even a fake trip/fall down sequence. Sadie taught me that you can be a performer at any age, and that it is truly fun to make people laugh.

Today, Syreese told me a funny story about a little boy reading a book. The conversation went like this:

Boy: Look, it's a fricking elephant! (and, by the way, I never thought I would hear cute little innocent Syreese ever say 'fricking.')

Teacher: What? That is not appropriate language.

Boy: Look, teacher, it says it right here - It's a fricking elephant.

Teacher: That is pronounced African elephant.

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Angie said...

If that is Joanna's Sadie, tell her she has to start blogging b/c that would be perfect to upload and share. I would love to hear whitty little Sadie tell her story.


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