Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ward Book Club

Tonight I was able to attend my ward's book club. We read Counting Stars by Michele Paige Holmes. The really amazing this is that Shannon (Kayd's mom, of the famous Ky/Kayd connection) is friends with her, so Michele came to our book club.

It was interesting to hear her story of her writing and her inspiration and her process. She is a busy mom with 5 kids (10 weeks - 18 years old) and her husband is the Bishop, and she still finds time to write. She is in a critique group that I read about sometimes over on 6 LDS Writers and A Frog and it was fascinating to me that they each bring a chapter and meet every single Thursday. Every single Thursday!

She really inspired me. I have had thoughts in the back of my brain for a few years now that someday I want to write a book. Amy and I have said before that if so-and-so can get published, why can't we? It is not something I am very serious about (unlike Amy, who already came up with an idea and a fabulous first chapter), but it was exciting to hear Michele's story and think about possibilities.

I think it is one of those things that I tell myself, like someday-I-will-get-that-PhD or someday-I-will-be-organized-like-Mary-and-Darci or someday-someone-will-pick-us-to-parent-their-baby. Not super-realistic, but an idea nonetheless.

If you have not read Counting Stars, pick it up! Michele Paige Holmes has created interesting characters with quality writing and a good plot.


Kathryn said...

If you wrote a book, I'd be first in line! (At least you know you'd sell one)

I say - DO IT!! :)

PS - NO ONE will ever be as organized as Darci and this "someday-someone-will-pick-us" stuff is definitely NOT "unrealistic". Prayer works. It'll happen.

The Gardner Family said...

So are you ready for another book club tonight?!

Mary said...

I didn't know you had another friend named Mary. That's cool. :) And I'll be standing right behind Kathryn.


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