Saturday, April 25, 2009

Book Club, and Book Club, and another Book Club, and Festival

This has been the best week ever, when it comes to attending all of my book clubs. I started with the ward book club on Tuesday night. There are so many great ladies in my ward whom I aspire to be like. I always want to be like my friend Mary, and I wish I was as creative as my friend Shannon, and Michelle always has insightful comments about the book and its impact in her life. It is definitely a tender mercy to continually learn from those around me.

Wednesday night was my friend book club. We started with a birthday dinner at Olive Garden for myself and Steph and Tiff. Amazingly talented Steph made us all scrapbooks of some of the books we have read so far. I have been put in charge of coming up with a list of all of the books so far, and even though we know we have missed some, there are 70 on our list! Favorite question of the night (raised by Erin) - how do we catch the vision of Visiting Teaching, and not feel it is just forced friendship? Lots of ideas given...

On Thursday I was on campus to interview TAs for the summer and fall semesters. 2 of the TAs for fall are both named Ben. That will be fun for me to keep them straight, don't you think? My students were taking an exam that day, and one of current TAs was proctoring it. I was in my office finishing up some work when the power went out! Apparently it was campus-wide. Luckily, I have a window in my office, so I was still fine. The poor lady across the hall was having a hard time seeing anything.

I quickly packed up my stuff and went to check on the students taking the exam. They seemed to be doing OK, because the classroom had windows. It was a little dim, but they got through it OK.

Then, last night, my mother/daughter book club met at Bobi's stake's production of "Beauty and the Beast." It was fun to take a month off from reading a book, and instead watching Bobi's family perform. Adam played the bass in the orchestra, and Lyssa, Bobi, and Brian were on-stage. They did a great job! Their Gaston was great - and he was huge! He towered over everyone else on the stage.

If you watch the videos, Bobi has a solo in the first one, and you can pick out B, B, and L if you look closely enough. In the second one, Bobi is the dancing plate the farthest on the left, and Brian is the dancing fork the farthest on the right. They have skills! Bobi's costume includes a black pashmina - which we brought back for her from Dubai (per her request).

video video

Today, I was able to go to another day of Festival for my piano students. All of my kids did great! I am glad that glad that Festival is finally over for the year. It is time to focus on other things.

This has been a great week full of family and friends. I am grateful for the people whom I love and who love me back. Love is perhaps the greatest tender mercy of all - when I feel the love of the people in my life, it is easy to feel of the love of Heavenly Father.


HappyCamper said...

And we also feel the love for family and friends. Especially when they are so willing to share all the "Tender mercies" they enjoy. Your videos were great. Thanks for the pixs. AND, thanks for all the great memories! (ALA PHS!)

Life's Journey said...

That looked like it would've been super fun to be at. Glad you had fun.


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