Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring = Hope

Easter and Spring always renew my hope and faith. Don't get me wrong: I love-love-love cold weather! But since coming home from Dubai I have had post-vacation blahs.

Then I noticed my friend Elizabeth's daffodils. They are up and smiling brightly and brought a big dose of cheer to me.

I find myself driving past her house on purpose, just so I can see the beautiful flowers.

Even amidst the crazy windstorms we have been having lately, her daffodils are standing proud and strong. Some may have bent beneath the force of the wind, but they are still radiant and gorgeous.

I had to stop and take a picture of her flowers because I was so inspired. What a tender mercy to be reminded that I can be strong like the daffodils. I too can bow beneath the force of the winds and not break.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for taking the time to cultivate your bulbs in the fall, so that I can draw strength from the glory of Spring!

P.S. I was trying to write this post reminiscent of the style of my pops. Did I succeed?


Kelly said...

I just noticed her daffodils, too, on my way home. They're beautiful! I love that the bright yellow makes the clouds not so gray!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying the daffodils -- I will have to take your approach instead of noticing that they are surrounded by thousands of weeds (I'm glad to know you haven't been thinking "I wish Elizabeth would weed her flowerbeds--they've been full of weeds since last October!"). That drew an analogy inside my head, but I'm not sure it will come out sounding okay -- we tend to see the negative in ourselves, and think that others only see that as well, while everyone else is too busy admiring our good qualities to notice the weeds! Thanks for teaching me!

Mary said...

You have a way with words. I love Elizabeth's daffodils too but next time I see them, I'll admire them a little bit more.


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