Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family filled weekend

This weekend has been fun and full of family! On Friday night, we had Greg's brother Paul over with his 3 kids - Dallin, 8, Parker, 6, and Kyralyn, almost 3. We bbq-d and played the Wii and the boys tossed the football around the backyard & jumped off the rocks, and we watched the play-offs. Dallin is really tall for his age, and is already 5'2" - which is taller than Tayler! Kyralyn is hilarious. She is totally Greg's shadow right now. If Greg was not in her immediate line of vision, she would say, "Hea-door, where Uncle Geg?"

On Saturday we had Greg's sister Tammy, and Uncle Glenn and his wife Kathy over for dinner. It was fun to see them! After dinner we played a little bit of Hearts, with some crazy variations in the rules. I was winning for most of the game, until the others ganged up on me and I got the Queen of Spades quite a few times in a row. Uncle Glenn ended up winning, and he did not let us forget it!

After Uncle Glenn and Kathy left, Tanya, Dave, and Andrew stopped by on their way home from St. George. It was getting a little late, and Andrew was a little cranky from being in the car for a few hours. We managed to keep him entertained, though, with his baby doll, and the piano, and the race car - his favorite toys to play with at our house. I also pulled out my laptop, and showed Andrew this video of himself that I took the night we got Tayler's announcement. He laughed and laughed at himself! We must have watched it 20 times. In the video, you can hear him saying "whoa, whoa, whoa" - and as we watched it, he would say it out loud. In the video, I also ask him to say "chop, chop" - and every time, he would say it. It was hilarious to watch Andrew watch himself.
Tonight we had my mom and grandma and brother Jon and sister-in-law Teri over for dinner. We made short ribs, and they are so yummy! They take a long time to cook, but it is definitely worth it. I even made kraut noodles, and maybe made a couple of converts! I got the recipe from Jonette, so every time I make them I have major memories of sitting at their kitchen table eating them. Jon challenged us to a little bowling on the Wii after dinner. It was Mom's first time playing, and she did awesome! She beat Jon in the regular version, and then we played the power one on the training, and she won the first time on that as well. Go Mom!

My grandma is so cute! She is almost 94 and, in my mom's words, still very spry.

Teri is 11 weeks pregnant, and is expecting a Christmas baby. She has unfortunately been very nauseous in her pregnancy so far. I hope it gets better for her soon!

I have been so grateful in the last couple of weeks of the outpouring of support we have received from family and friends. This is definitely a tender mercy. I always knew we had amazing friends and relatives, but it has really hit home lately. Thank you for always being there for us - for sharing in our sorrows and challenges, and celebrating in our joys. Our lives are so rich because of the love with which we are surrounded.

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Kelly said...

What I cannot believe is that you cooked dinner for people three nights in a row!!! There should be some special medal or honor bestowed upon you for that incredible feat!! I could never have done that. I'm so glad you are feeling the love and support of your family and friends, as you are such a good friend and totally deserve it.


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