Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pop's Birthday

Tomorrow is my Pop's Birthday
He first taught me how to pray
He's lived 64 years
Without shedding many tears
He's happy in every single way

Pops has never been one for much napping
He enjoys wandering and tramping
He blogs lots and lots
And loves to sleep on cots
Every time he goes CAMPing

I wish him the best at this time of year
And wish that he and Pat lived more near
So that Greg and I
Could see him by and by
Because in my heart he is so dear!


Bobi said...

Without shedding much tears? Are you sure you are talking about the same dad? Tee hee. Happy B-day from me, too!


Kelly said...

cute poem!! i am so impressed....

HappyCamper said...

Heather, Thanks for the wonderful thoughts. I dripped MANY tears on my keyboard as I read it!


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