Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Primary Presidency

I love the ladies in the Primary Presidency that I work with! Nina is the Inspiration Guru - she always seems to come up with the best solutions, and once she says them, we all think it could not happen any other way. Darci is the Idea Guru - she always has the best and most creative ideas for everything from throwing parties to doing teacher appreciation. Julie is the Keep-Us-All-Together Guru - she keeps track of all of us and makes sure we are doing things correctly. I am the It'll-Be-Fine Girl - my "unofficial" policy is "If you ignore the problem long enough it will resolve itself!" Oh, we deal with issues, but most of the time it does seem like things have a way of working themselves out if we don't get too hot under the collar and add more emotions to the mix.

We hold our presidency meetings at Darci's house, and the kids play so well together. Here are Brooklyn and Matthew showing what good friends they are. They usually play in the basement, and we never even hear them (unless Brookie has to go potty). Brookie always talks to me and she is my buddy. She likes to show me her pretty outfits. Matthew will sometimes talk to me - I have been working on him for a year and a half now! I am also Nina's visiting teacher, so I work on him when I am at his house also.
Darci's baby, Cache, has been going through a stage where he only wants mom, and he will SCOWL at anyone who tries to talk to him. It is hilarious - and I had to try and capture the expression! Darci was laughing at me, because I was saying things like, "Come on Cachie, let me see you scowl." She said she is always trying to get him to smile for pictures. What is the fun in that?

He has been sick lately, and now he is starting to feel better. I am happy that he is getting to be a happier baby - but his scowl was not as pronounced as usual. I think you can get the idea, though!

Cache is also at that stage of development where he thinks no one can see him if he can't see you. This is the usual progression of our interaction:

Heather: Cachie, what are you doing?
Cache: scowl
H: Are you scowling at me?
C: covers eyes with hands
H: Cache, you are a funny boy!
C: peeks at me from behind his fingers

Cache also thinks it is pretty funny to throw everything on the floor. He has started saying, "Uh oh" when he does it, though, which is pretty adorable. I captured a little bit of him playing around with his food, and the voices belong to Nina and Julie. Watch how Cache looks at all of us while he is deciding if he should throw his cup or not. He is is so dang cute!


Mary said...

This is not helping my major withdrawals. I'm glad you have such a fun time but I still miss you. I miss those moments when we know that Nina just got it right on and when Darci gets so excited about some awesome idea. And I miss when Heather says "It's all good!" -- And it IS all good.

Heather said...

We always have Mary-withdrawals as well, and I am jealous that you get to have meetings with Gwen, Laurie, and Whitney! I wish I could have meetings with Nina, Darci, Julie, AND you - that would be perfect.

Kathryn said...

How about you guys let visitors come to meetings?!? Then we could all enjoy all the fun!

(See - I'm an idea girl too. That would be helpful AND fun, right?)

Julie M said...

My favorite part of our presidency meetings are the stories you can talk so fast and get so many details in within 30 seconds I am amazed. :) You are awesome!

Beth said...

Check out this blog


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