Saturday, May 2, 2009

Women's Conference

On Wednesday, I had an awesome time meeting Gwen, Shannon, and Joanna for lunch. Those ladies crack me up! Since I was going to Women's Conference, I was not going to be doing my stocking job this week, so I had to get my Jo fix in...

Thursday and Friday were spent with Gwen and Kandice at Women's Conference. It was amazing! I love the spirit that I feel when I go. Normally a lot more of the Book Club ladies go, but this year (because of new babies and husbands out of town) it was just Kandice and I. That worked out great, though, so we could also hang out with Gwen. We also met up with Judy and some of her relatives for many classes.
Kandice and I picked up a humanitarian aid project to work on for Thursday. Thank goodness we were with Gwen, or we would never have figured out the instructions. I know how to crochet a single stitch and a double stitch, but I do not know how to read crochet instructions. Gwen taught us how to do it - and amid many frustrating moments caused by the super cheap yarn - we completed very pretty flowers! At a future point, the flowers will be attached to barrettes and made into clips for little girls' hair. I am excited to have learned how to do something new, and happy to have found a project that is really fast (20 minutes-ish per flower).

On Thursday night, Gwen went home and Kandice and I stayed for the concert. We saved seats for Judy et al., but in a different place than we had originally planned on. Kandice and I saw Judy come in, so I went around the Marriott Center to retrieve her. On the way back, I was looking over my shoulder at Judy and talking with her, and I rammed my leg (HARD) in to a seat. I am now the proud owner of a nasty-looking bruise. This picture really does not do it justice - it is purple and blue and black and raised. The first night, I swear it was an entire inch off of my leg.

The concert was great. My favorite performer every year is Hilary Weeks. She combines great music with funny commentary. Her best story went something like this:
So, I read a study the other day that stated that people grow up to be like their name. Lots of George's grow up to be geologists, and lots of Dennis' grow up to be dentists. That makes me wish that I had been named Millionair-y instead of Hilary, so that I could have grown up to be a millionaire, instead of aspiring to be a small mountain.
In thinking about this, she was appropriately named, because she is hilar-ious.

Women's Conference is great because we take the time to work on projects. Judy was knitting baby hats, and Gwen was working on an embroidered quilt block, and Kandice was working on a cross stitch for her 4th girl (so she can do the one for her 5th baby after he is born in July) and I was trying to finish crocheting a leper bandage.

I find I can listen more attentively if my hands are busy doing something else. This is especially true with the leper bandages, because it is just a repetitive stitch, back and forth, and I do not have to pay very much attention.

When I was in line to get lunch on Friday, a lady walked by with a funny T-shirt on. It said:

Grain is for man
D&C 89:16
Chocolate is for woman
M&M 24:7

In the closing session on Friday, the chorister is this awesome lady that is also (usually) the chorister for Bro Wilcox's Institute class that Gwen and I attend on Wednesdays. I had to take a picture of her, because it was totally cool to see her in such a big venue.

So, it was a great couple of days filled with uplifting speakers and great messages and an amazing spirit. We also had lots of LDS celebrity sightings - like Sheri Dew and Sis Uchtdorf, and ran into lots of people that we know. I talked with Tammy and Tanya's Laurel advisor from Colorado (and I have already forgotten her name - was it Caron Nannie? She saw my name tag and brought up the connection), and I ran in to Laurieann (my coolest TA ever).

It was great to go and it was great to come home. When I got home Friday night and checked my email, there was a message from a girl in South Dakota we have been corresponding with who is considering adoption. That was super exciting, and the best moment of the whole week! Please keep praying for us, and praying for birth moms.


The Gardner Family said...

What an amazing weekend! It was so great to hang out with you again! It made me really miss our visiting teaching times together--we always have great conversation. And Gwen and Judy were so fun to be with too!! I'm still planning on stealing the two crafty pictures if that is okay. Actually, can I steal the very first one two of the congregation? Was that during "Now Let Us Rejoice"? So many powerful moments!!

Heather said...

"Steal" whatever pictures you want! You are the best.

Amy said...

Okay - so Women's Conference sounds lovely - more details on the girl from South Dakota, please.

Renee said...

Wow, what an amazing few days! I love Women's Conference...lucky you for being able to go!

Laurieann said...

Thanks for the name drop but you're totally transparent - just trying to kiss up after plainly stating your current TA puts me to shame. :)

Kathryn said...

Ahhh - Gwen Time. Lucky you. Oh yea, and Women's Conference too - that must be nice too. (But not like Gwen Time...)

HappyCamper said...

I agree with Amy's sagacious comments. Glad you had such a marvelous time, but come on, its SD time!

Kelly said...

I'm so sad I missed WC. Can I still come next year? Glad you had a great time, sorry about your bruise!

Rachelle said...

Heather, love your blog so much!! Are you happy with the blog book quality? paper weight? clarity of photos, etc? Best of luck with the SD girl, we've got some friends that just got "chosen"...we'll pray for your possible birth mom too!

Heather said...


I am totally happy with the book's paper and print quality. What I do not like is that when I had a whole bunch of pictures in a row, it just dumped them in 4 to a page - and any text that was interspersed got condensed to the first page of 4 pictures.

Beth said...

That looks like so much fun! And you and I have similar bruises, I hope you will survive.

My mom makes those leper bandages, but called them 'lesbian bandages' once. She will never live that one down.

Miss you! (and praying for you!)


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