Monday, June 8, 2009

A Baptism and a Baby Blessing

On Saturday we went to Paige's baptism. It is hard to believe that she is already 8! It seems like just yesterday that we went to see her when she came home from the hospital. Paige is the daughter of Greg's cousin Trinnie and her husband Brett. She is adopted, and has 5 blonde-haired/blue-eyed brothers. I also cannot believe that Trinnie & Brett now have 6 children! They are a great family. Their names are Preston, Paige, Patrick, Peyton, Phineas, and Phillip. After they had Phin, we all knew they had to have another baby with a "ph" sound in his name, so that Phin would not be all alone in the sea of "p" sounds...

The baptism was really nice. It is fun to talk with Greg's relatives - we saw Uncle Glenn and Kathy, Tash & Tim and their 3 girls (including brand-new baby Brinley), Bev & her husband, and Quentin and his son. It was nice to catch up. We carpooled up there with Tammy and Clay. Uncle Glenn said that Clay was the best looking in his family, and the smartest (after Clay said his siblings were all at home working). Always fun to hang out with gorgeous Tammy!

As we were waiting to begin, I glanced over the program and saw that there was going to be a musical number by Alex Boye. Leave it to Trinnie to get an LDS celebrity to perform at her daughter's baptism! Apparently, Alex's manager is in Trinnie's ward, so she got the number, and just called and asked if he would come - and he said yes.

It was interesting to hear him in such a small setting. In this video, I got him singing the first verse of "Because I Have Been Given Much" and he did a great job. I really need to remember that I cannot flip my camera to the side when I am shooting videos. I tend to forget, and then my videos are sideways. Sorry about that...
Yesterday, we went to the baby blessing of Amy and Cliff's daughter Cami. (I forgot to bring my camera, so I don't have any pictures.) We got to visit with our friend Angie for a few minutes, before she left to take her twin daughters home. Jasmine and Aspen are already 2. Where has the time gone?

We also caught up with Rob and Lorie and their kids. Rob is a basketball ref, so Greg sees him quite often, but I have not seen Lorie in a few years. It was great to hang out and talk with all of them - just like old times when we were in the 13th ward, and used to go to Amy & Cliff's house to play games. We would stay up to all hours playing Cannasta (Greg's favorite - NOT) or board games, and listening to 80s music. Rob and Lorie were the only ones who had kids then out of our group (Rob & Lorie, Cliff & Amy, and Angie & Najib). Now, R/L have 4 children (including boys 14-months apart that people mistake for twins), C/A have 4 (including twin boys), and A/N have twin girls. We used to joke that we needed to adopt a set of twins or we would get kicked out of the club.

It is interesting to watch parenting styles and interactions as people have children. We have learned so much over the years by observing the amazing parents that are all around us!

My thoughts today are with my friend Renee. She was supposed to have a C-section an hour or two ago. I hope things have gone well, and her daughter has made it safely!

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