Friday, June 12, 2009

Family is in town

Greg's brother Rod, with wife Jayme and daughter Jasmine, have been in town this week, and it has been fun getting together to see them. Rod was living in our basement when he and Jayme started dating. When Rod was a missionary in Southern California, he knew Jayme's family (her dad was a ward mission leader, I think). After his mission, he came to Utah to go to school and lived with us for a couple of years.

(Side note - I loved having Rod live with us! I was on fertility drugs at the time, and so I was a little crazy trying to deal with all of those hormones. Greg's business occupied a bedroom in our little house, so there were always people around. I was teaching 3 classes at the U and had 27 piano students. And did I mention that the fertility drugs made me completely crazy? It was awesome to have Rod around because he and Greg entertained each other, so if I needed to cry in my bedroom, I could. Many hours were spent by the boys watching ball games or playing the Sega or whatever.)

Anyway, Jayme came out to go apartment hunting and stayed with us for a couple of weeks. She and Rod started dating, and the rest is history!

When I walked into Greg's parents house on Tuesday, Greg came right up to me holding Andrew, and Andrew gave me the biggest smile! He is the cutest little squirt ever. Then I had to find Daniel. Greg's parents have been traveling a lot lately, and I have not been able to get enough Daniel time in. Then Greg's mom took me back to her room to show me the amazing present she had brought back from Montana from Jonette. Jonette managed to find 2 cute flannel prints with turtles, and made us 2 blankets and 2 burp cloths. So pretty! Mom also found the softest polka-dot fabric ever. I do not know what kind it is, but I can't wait to get my hands on the finished products.

I called Jonette to thank her, and of course Daniel had to talk to her as well.

Sometimes I pretend that I am Dan's favorite, but we all know that Jonette is his favorite! And who can blame him? She is the most amazing person I know. Last year, Daniel went to Montana to visit with (I think) Tanya, Dave, and Andrew, and then T,D,A came home, and Greg and I went up for a weekend, and then brought Danny home with us. Dan was with Jonette for a couple of weeks. On the last day, I told Dan once or twice that we were going home tomorrow, and that he would get to see Mom again - to prepare him that we had to leave soon. After dinner, all of us girls were playing Hand & Foot at the kitchen table. Danny was up in the loft, playing and singing along with the keyboard.

Suddenly, he stopped singing and called over the railing, "Hed-it, go home morning?"

I said, "Yes, Dan, we are going home in the morning."

Dan: "All right. Jonette. Come here. Now."

Jonette puts down her cards and ran upstairs. She came back down laughing and filled us in. When she got up there, Dan told her, "Jonette. Stay you. No go home morning. Don't tell Hedit."

Hilarious. Dan always cracks me up!

Before dinner on Tuesday, Greg was entertaining Andrew and was feeding him fishy crackers. Well, he was supposed to be feeding him fishy crackers. I have here photographic evidence that Greg was personally enjoying those crackers as a pre-dinner snack!

We went back to Greg's parents for dinner again on Wednesday night. Dad had spent the whole day cooking us Dutch oven ribs and potatoes and peach cobbler. Sure was yummy. After dinner, Tammy, Kent, Rod, and Greg (with Andrew "helping" him) played Settlers while Tanya, Jayme, and Mom ran out to see Tanya's new house. I had the exciting job of grading papers. I can't wait to not have to do that anymore!


Magson said...

You put a picture of peple playing Settlers of Catan in, but dind't mention it in the actual blog entry? The nerve!

Heather said...

You need to read more carefully, bro - I did mention that they played Settlers. I guess I did not say the "Catan" part, but that was certainly implied...


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