Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jim Brickman concert

Last night I had the chance to go to a Jim Brickman concert with Todd, Rachel, Cassie & Jace, and Greg's parents and Tammy & her friend Shelby. It was nice! Jim Brickman is funny and entertaining, and his songs aren't half-bad, either. He told some funny stories about his first piano teacher and how mean she was to him. He also kept on referring to himself as "America's Premier New Age Romantic Pianist." Just the way he said it was amusing - very dry and dead-panned.

The highlight of the night for me was running in to Karras. She is one of my former Beehives (and not even in the original crop - she was one of my last before I got released. I was in YW for 4 years-ish in the old ward). She just graduated from high school and is off to college in the fall. I could not believe how grown up and beautiful and poised she is now. I am really glad that Karras spotted me in the crowd and came over to say hello.

I drove over with Mom and Dad, so of course we were almost 2 hours early. We did end up with excellent seats (they are first come, first serve at the SCERA Shell) and plenty of time to relax before the concert began. Mom had brought a book to read and her iPod to listen to. So, as she was listening to Twilight as an audiobook, I fired up my iPod for the kiddies to watch (I have some shows on there) and then I read Mom's book. Dad wandered around...

Todd, Rachel, Tammy, and Shelby got to go to a VIP reception before the concert and meet Jim and eat food. Tammy said he is shorter than we are!

I am glad that Todd always arranges to get tickets to shows, and that he always includes me. It is fun to go. I love sitting outside in the bowl-shaped ampitheater and getting chilly after the sun goes down. It cracks me up every time when Rachel piles on 18 blankets and still shivers. I took a pashmina, and that was plenty of insulation for me!

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Kathryn said...

What a FUN night! :) I always push the Jim Brickman button on the CD player/display thingy by the cards at Target. A little piano makes everything better, don't you think??

Also love seeing how LOVED you are! Friends & family everywhere. It's nice - makes me smile.


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