Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lunch with Tayler

Yesterday we had the awesome opportunity to meet Tayler and her family for lunch! We were going to get some food and meet in a park for a picnic, but because of the rain we went to Zupa's in Provo instead. It was amazing to see Tayler again, and to meet her brother and sister.

We ate and hung out for about 2.5 hours. It was nice - very relaxed and comfortable - and it was great to meet Matthew and Marissa. Tayler and Marissa are 390 days apart, and Marissa is a little bit taller. Linda was telling us that when they were little girls everyone always thought they were twins. They seem to have a great relationship with each other!

Both times I have met Tayler, it seems that every time she says she likes something, it is something that I really enjoy as well. One example - we brought some Jelly Bellies for Matthew and Marissa to share, and while we were waiting for Greg and Dan to come back with the food, Linda opened them up. Matthew pulled them over and had to smell them. I asked him if he had a super sniffer, and Tayler said, "Yeah - do you have a super sniffer like Gus?" They love Monk and Psych (2 of our favorite shows) and have all of the Monk seasons on DVD.

I used to think I was freakishly like my former TA Laurieann (twins separated at birth) and now I know I am freakishly like Tayler. It is awesome that we like so many of the same things and have so much in common!

Matthew is quite entertaining! There were no conversation lags, because he kept us laughing the whole time. I even whipped out my camera and shot some videos. I have embedded the best ones below.

I still don't think Tayler looks 8 months pregnant! She was telling us that she can definitely feel the difference in her body, and that she is starting to get uncomfortable (especially at night). I wish she did not have to feel uncomfortable... Adoption is an interesting transaction to me, because I get all of the benefit without any of the physical cost.

It was a great afternoon. Linda and Dan have an amazing family! I am grateful for our interactions with them. Tayler is a beautiful person, inside and out. I love soaking up everything about her. It is so great getting to know her.


The Gardner Family said...

Cute Cute family!! I love their laughs! I'm glad it was such a great day!

Kelly said...

Tayler is so beautiful! I'm so glad you could have lunch with them. You are getting so close now!

Kathryn said...

I just can't get over how great your adoption experience is!! (of course, being as awesome as you & Greg are, I shouldn't be surprised at all!)

What a fun day with Tayler & her family. I'm just so full of happiness for all of you!

PS - GREAT talks in Sac Mtg yesterday! Touched my heart.

Laurieann said...

YAY! We have a triplet?


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