Friday, June 5, 2009


I have been in a shopping frenzy for the past couple of weeks - ever since Tayler's announcement! It is just too much fun to shop for clothes for a little baby.

I have tried to be good and not get too much stuff. People are so generous, and have already been giving us presents! Baby's first present was from my friend Darci, and she brought a couple of adorable outfits. The next present came from my friend Mary, a beautiful quilt that you can see folded on the bottom of the pile on the right on the closet shelf.

For years, I have been collecting baby clothes and paraphernalia. I just got done going through the 2 big boxes of stuff that I have accumulated. Surprisingly, a lot of it will be useful! Go me.

I think I am done shopping for clothes in the newborn size now. It's hard to gauge how many outfits she will need. Experienced moms - what should I expect? How often will I realistically want to do laundry? How many outfits will she poop through in a day?

As my brother Jon reminded me, now I just need to stock up on diapers and wipes, and then get some bottles, binkies, and formula. And, of course, we need a car seat and stroller. We have a hand-me-down crib and changing table from my sister Bobi (or we can have Jonette's old crib which is stored at Grandma's house), and we bought a dresser for the baby's room years ago.

We picked out the bedding for the nursery, and I am not taking a picture of it until we get the room painted and all of the furniture set up. We're getting there! It is so fun to be able to set up the nursery. I have dreamed about it for years, and the room has been sitting empty since we moved in this house 3.5 years ago. Well, we did put the exercise bike in there. Time to find a new home for that!


Renee said...

I told you not to buy EVERYTHING because there won't be anything left for ME to buy you! I am so thrilled for you. How fun to shop for a girl...I will join you any time. Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery... I am sure it will be darling!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe how much stuff you have already! There are so many cute girls clothes out there -- I'm sure it is hard to resist. Here's my advice (after 3 weeks of motherhood, am I qualified to give advice?): Don't buy too many newborn outfits--you never know if your baby will be 10 pounds! (Davis has already been wearing 3 month clothes!)

Kathryn said...

Oh! It's all just so CUTE!! And so little! :)

Amen to the stocking up on diapers & wipes.

And an AMEN to Elizabeth about baby's size - Alix was 10.1 and never once wore a newborn size outfit.

Beth said...

How fun Heather! I didn't get to really shop for Jayston until he was born (since we did not know he was a boy) and with this one I have all the stuff so I am still not shopping.

We ended up keeping Jayston in onesies most of the time until he was old enough to be out a lot because he was so sweaty!

I suggest getting BIG receiving blankets so you can swaddle her, it works so well to calm babies and helps them sleep longer. The little receiving blankets don't last long. I finally ended up making some out of cotton prints!

Good luck and I am so excited for you!

Laurieann said...

K. I just need to know... are you having a shower anytime soon and will I be invited to said shower?

Kathryn said...

On second thought...

Tayler is so tiny, you probably WILL have your baby girl in newborn sizes! Duh on me for not thinking that one through.

Yep to the onesies! They're great with a good swaddling blanket. (Good thinking, Beth!)

Heather said...

Thanks for all of the helpful comments!

As for the shower, I do not want to have one until after the baby comes to our house. But, of course, you will all get invites!

Carrie said...

I'd vote for stocking up on the burp-rags!! It seems like we had to do a load of laundry every day because we didn't have enough of those. You've got SUCH cute stuff together! I'm SO SO excited for you!!

lck. said...

Haha I love to blogstalk! I'm seriously so happy for you and your husband! What an amazing story. Have a great weekend!


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