Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time with Friends

I have had a lot of fun catching up with friends the last couple of days. Yesterday, I met Beth, Carrie, and Alisa for a picnic lunch. These ladies are part-timers at the U like me, and we have been teaching together for a few years. I have spent the most time with Beth, but Carrie and I shared an office last summer, and it was awesome getting to know her better. Those 3 all had babies in the last year, and it was great to see 2 of the babies - they are getting so big! I don't know what I was thinking, but I did not pull out the camera until after Carrie and Alisa left. Here are some shots of Beth and Jayston.

Beth's baby #2 is due mid-September. She is having another little boy. It was fun to chat and get caught up with the ladies. Alisa loves us forever, because we told her about the joy of TAs. Crazy Carrie is trying to finish up her PhD program with a 1 year old and a teaching load. She says she has given up sleep, and cannot wait for it to be over. These experienced moms also gave me lots of good advice!

Today I got to go Visiting Teaching with Gwen. At Nina's house, Matthew drew us lots of pictures. He kept on running in to the kitchen, drawing one, and running it back in. That kept him busy for quite a while. He also was a good sport and let me take some photos of him and his drawings. Nina and Gwen were making fun of me - that when this baby comes, I will take a gazillion pictures. They are probably right...

And now, I am waiting for a couple of my Idaho Aunts to stop by for a visit, and then I am off to hang out with more friends at Book Club tonight. Life is great!

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The Gardner Family said...

And more friends tonight!! Woohoo!! Life is good! ;)


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