Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bryce & Caitlin

My cute cousin Bryce got married yesterday to Caitlin in the Salt Lake Temple. Greg and I got up and got everything ready to go and headed downtown. As we were approaching the temple, I started to get all of my stuff together to go inside, and I realized I did not have my temple recommend in my wallet.


I had obviously left it in my temple bag from the last time we went to the temple (I do not like to take my purse in with me, cause then I have to check my camera and etc.). I started to panic a little, and Greg totally calmed me down. I called my cute Bishop and he said he was available to talk if the temple needed to call him back.

So we get in the temple, and I filled out a little paper, and talked with a member of the temple presidency, and I was in. No harm - no foul! Luckily, I was early enough that my little mistake did not matter in the grand scheme of things.

It was a nice day, overall. The coolest discovery is that my new cousin's name is now Caitlin Taylor. Our birth mom's name is Tayler Caitlin. Funny, huh!

Lyssa was pretty bored all day - but she managed to keep herself entertained. Mostly.

Adam was nice to take this picture of us, while we were waiting for Bryce & Caitlin to finish taking all of their pictures.

Greg could so be on the cover of GQ!

Da boys! Ryan, Adam, Wes, Greg, and the groom.

Bryce and his brothers - Ryan, Wes, and Russell. Ryan & Russell are both cute (obviously), single, and returned missionaries if anyone is interested! Ryan is 25ish, and Russ is 23ish.

As we were leaving after the wedding luncheon, we pulled up next to my mom and grandma. Grandma came over to talk for another minute, and our conversation went like this:

G: Whew! A Chrysler. This sure is a nice car.
H: Yeah, we've really liked it. It's 11 years old, although it's held up pretty nice for us.
G: Of course it did. It's a Chrysler!


Kelly said...

Nice post, not the post I wanted (i.e. BABY) but still a nice post. Loved the pic of the door knob, and glad you got in minus your magic ticket! Congrats to your cousin.

Angie said...

I too forgot my recommend to my brother in-law's wedding (Shaun's ONLY sibling) and freaked out. Luckily they just took us into a room and had Shaun vouch that I was worthy. I had a moment and thought that would not even compare to the panic you would feel if the Savior had called you to the temple and you weren't able to enter. I love the picture of you and Greg, very cute! Glad your day worked out.

Beth said...

Love the pictures! You and Greg are very cute.


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