Thursday, July 9, 2009

Montana Trip

Last weekend we had an awesome time going to Helena, Montana to visit Kyle, Jonette, Kylene, Kiera, Kaysen, and Papa John. We left on Thursday afternoon and drove up with Tammy. So much fun in the car! We had a great time talking about everything under the sun. After a few hours, we kind of settled down, and Tammy and I both pulled our iPods. I even got Greg to listen to a Harry Potter audiobook with me for a couple of hours.

Once we got there, we were were welcomed by a full house! Mom, Dad, & Daniel and Paul, Staci, Dallin, Parker, & Kyralyn were also there, for a total of 17 people in the house. Good thing K&J's house is humongous! We all fit just fine. Greg & I stayed in Kylene's room (thanks again, Ky!), Paul & Staci were in Kiera's room, the kids all bunked in the loft (including Danny) and Tammy, Kiera, and Kylene bounced around between Kaysen's room and the trailer. Grandma & Grandpa stayed in their trailer.

We had a lot of fun hanging out and playing cards and eating a lot of food and playing more cards and playing in the yard. Parker took me for a 4-wheeler ride once, and he is a dang good driver!

Friday night we went to Mackenzie River Pizza Co for dinner. It seems like we go there every time we are in Helena - it's starting to be a tradition! I got some great pictures. In this first one, Kyle is pinching Tammy's arm. I love how calm he looks, and how I captured Tammy's scream of pain... And can I just say how absolutely gorgeous my nieces are?

Grandpa took half of the crew out on the boat on Friday, and the other half of us on Saturday. We went on Saturday with Kyle, Tammy, Danny (again - he got to go twice, of course), and Kiera.

Saturday night we went to an amazing fireworks show. There is some guy in the other Helena ward that brings in a semi-truck full of Class C fireworks every year and puts on a fireworks show - for free - for anyone who wants to come. It was as good of a show as any I have seen. Plus, we got to drive up in the foothills and the setting was absolutely gorgeous. Also along for the show were the neighbors Brad, Trish, Megan (Kiera's BFF) and Cassie.

We are so grateful to Kyle & Jonette for hosting us! I think this should become an annual tradition. More details can be found in Jonette's blog post.

Now it is time to put in some of the funny videos I took. Watch if you dare!

These first 2 videos show a funny exchange between Kyle and Parker. We are sad that Kyle lives so far away now and won't be around as much to teach interesting things to our children...

On the boat, lots of fun was had riding the tube. Here is a funny video of Greg, Tammy, and Kiera.

A few years ago, Greg ripped his hamstring while waterskiing. It took months of Physical Therapy and much pain to get him back to almost-normal. He has not waterskiied since (can't risk injury and missing a basketball season!). On the boat, Kyle was making comments like, "Greg, is it your turn to ski? Greg, you're not afraid of a little injury are you? Greg, why are you such a wimp?" and etc. After Tammy skiied, Kyle got in the water. On his second try to stand up, he pulled his hamstring. It doesn't look like much happened from our angle on the boat, but Kyle sure was funny as he was moaning and groaning and in a lot of pain. Luckily, he does not think he ripped it, but he definitely strained it.

This is a video of Tammy, Daniel, and Kiera on the tube. Not a lot of excitement at the beginning, but towards the end you get to see Tammy and Daniel get bounced off.

This is a video that shows a lot of typical behavior from the siblings! Lots of good-natured teasing.

Kiera is definitely adorable! She is hilarious at 13 - very chatty and entertaining.

And, last but not least, a video showing Kyle & Jonette's gorgeous house and property.


The Gardner Family said...

That is my dream house and Matt's dream property!! I would love a wrap around porch! It looks like you guys had so much fun!

Life's Journey said...

Hey it looks like you had mega fun!! I must say that you were only an hour from my house. LOL, It would've been great to see you guys. Oh well. I'm glad you guys had fun. I was busy at my mom's house that week. Hope your doing well.

Kelly said...

Wow! Looks like a super good time. I can't believe how lucky your soon-to-be daugher is-----she will have amazing parents and an amazing extended family. Really---think about how many people will love her!!! But no one more than you and Greg.

Renee said...

If Tyler saw how much property they have he would die! What a beautiful place to live! Sounds like a great weekend...thanks for posting all the pictures but next time you need to include yourself in a few of them!!!


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