Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Nursery

We have spent an enjoyable few days putting together the nursery. It is so much to pick out paint, and put up beadboard, and to put together furniture. Our friend Cliff, who literally built his house with his own two hands, has put up beadboard in 2 other houses, so he came over to help Greg put it up in our nursery. Well, really, Cliff put up the beadboard and Greg helped him. I was in charge of the paint.

Here is what the room looked like before we started:

1 precious baby

2 ecstatic parents-to-be
3 colors of paint, with 2 coats each (and touch-ups)
111 square feet of beadboard
228 nails pounded, set, filled, and sanded

The result:

Here is a video clip of Greg & Cliff putting up the ceiling fan in the dark. It was humorous to watch their concentration - but they got it all done effectively!


Renee said...

Now you just need that darling baby girl to make the nursery complete! It looks great and I LOVE the beadboard. I am jelous. I love the picture with the turtle under the bed. How many more weeks? Hang in there!

The Gardner Family said...

The room looks amazing!! Can you believe you are going to have a sweet little girl in that crib soon?! How exciting!!

Life's Journey said...

WAY CUTE!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooooooo happy for you guys!! I want to meet you sometime this summer and hang out. Does that sound like it could fit in the plans? Anyways, again, I'm so happy for you. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Happy Days.

Mary said...

That is such a cute nursery -- I might need to come see it in 3D. Can't wait for that baby to get here!

Julie said...

Love the nursery! You've done a great job decorating. It will be a warm, safe haven for a beautiful princess. Congrats again!


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