Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Visit From Tayler and Other Sundries

Yesterday, Greg was feeding Ellie while I was making brunch. After she ate, she was totally content, but not interested in sleeping yet (she has been staying awake for an hour or two in the mornings lately). So we decided to try her swing for the very first time. Ellie loved it! She looked around for maybe 15 minutes, and then fell right asleep. Thanks, Tiff, for the hand-me-down!

Then, Greg left to go to the Priesthood Leadership meeting for Stake Conference, and Ellie and I got ready for Tayler to come and visit. We had a great time visiting with Tayler and her family. Ellie slept pretty hard before they got here, which meant that she was awake for part of the visit. It was fun for everyone to see her eyes!

Tammy came over about 5:30, because she was going to babysit Ellie for us to go to the adult session of Stake Conference. It was great, because she was able to meet Tayler and her family. Greg got home just in time to say goodbye, and then we were off.

There is something so stirring and thrilling about singing hymns at Stake Conference. The volume is so full and robust - it is awesome! Maybe it is because this was the first church meeting I have been to since Ellie was born, but I enjoyed all of the speakers and the messages more than usual.

Ellie is growing so fast that we are on to a new clothing size! The last 2 days I have been dressing her in 0-3 month clothes. She wore the Newborn size for almost 4 weeks, though, so that is not too shabby!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Shower

I have been realizing lately how much support and love have poured in to our lives lately. I always knew we had amazing friends and family members, and that has manifested itself even more since welcoming Ellie in to our family. Thank you to everyone for supporting and loving us!

Last night was my second baby shower, thrown by my friends Darci, Nina, and Julie, with help from Jessica, Gwen, and Mary. Jessica designed the cute turtles that were the theme of the evening, Darci hosted the event at her house, and all together they planned an amazing night!

I got Ellie all dressed in my favorite outfit for her (luckily, it still fits - but just barely!), and her hair all done. She is such an angel - Greg always says "she is such a doll."

When Ellie and I got to Darci's house, she of course had everything decked out to the nines. Jessica's turtles were everywhere, and the refreshment table looked beautiful. And, I really need Darci's recipe for her chocolate cupcakes - they were divine!

Gwen was the self-appointed photographer, and she got some great shots, including this one. Darci kicked us off by welcoming everyone and explaining the first game. Then she got a little emotional talking about how special Ellie is (which made me cry as well), and then Darci told Gwen she would kill her if she took this picture. Luckily, Gwen disobeyed instructions - because I think this pic is priceless!

Darci had printed out ads for 15 baby products, and then excised the brand name. The game was to go around and guess what brand was being advertised. Kelly, the resident bargain shopper, recognized the most logos/ads and won. Way to go, Kelly!

The next (and last) game was a matching game. Nina had dropped off a secret envelope for Greg earlier in the week. Y'all know how much I love surprises... That envelope was driving me crazy, and I kept on trying to guess what was in it. Obviously, I knew it had something to do with the shower. And, with my closest guess, Greg talked his way out of it (totally lied to my face) so convincingly that I am a little worried... (not really).

Nina had a series of questions for Greg to answer the way he thought I would answer, and then they actually had me answer at the shower to see where we matched. We did extremely well, mostly because Greg had managed to work in every question in to our conversations the 2 days prior to the shower! Sneaky, sneaky man. I am so clueless, though, that I just thought he had come up with amazing things to talk about.

After the games, it was on to opening presents. This adorable jacket was picked out specially for Ellie by my little friend Madelin. She told her mom, Jo, that is she was a baby, she would want to wear this. Then Madelin said that she wondered if it was sold in her size. It is not... The amazing green bow came from the top of Elizabeth's present.

I am still stupefied by the sheer generosity of my friends and neighbors. I cannot believe how much stuff Ellie was given at this shower. Thanks again to the ladies for organizing and throwing the shower!

Ellie Always Poops on Greg

It seems like every time Greg changes Ellie when she is poopy, she ends up pooping all over him. The first time happened at Ellie's second bath. We got the bath stuff all ready, with her towel on the counter and a new diaper and her night outfit. Greg laid her down, unwrapped her blanket, and started to change her. He had her little feet lifted up - and out shot poop in a straight line. It was powerful - and it just kept on coming and coming and coming! It went all over her old diaper and her blanket and Greg's hands. We quickly got a new diaper on her and her cleaned up in her bath.

The latest happened yesterday morning. I was taking a shower, so Greg was loving all over Ellie. I had gotten out and was brushing my teeth when I heard Greg yelling, "Heather, Heather, come quick!"

I run in to the nursery, and there are multiple diapers littered all over the changing table, and Greg is all flustered, because he had run out of wipes. I quickly remedied the situation, and Ellie decided to finally quit pooping on Greg.

It only took 5 diapers and about 20 wipes, but she got cleaned up well!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ellie's Funny Faces

Ellie makes really funny faces when she is trying to wake up. Here is a montage of pictures I snapped in a 2 minute time frame this evening.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ellie's noises

Ellie is a pretty noisy baby (and we love every second of it!) and extremely hilarious when she is trying to wake up. It seems like every time I grab my camera, though, she is done squeaking. Here are some video clips of Ellie making noises:

Friday, August 21, 2009

"Methods of Madness"

One of my new favorite authors is Stephanie Black. I first found her book Fool Me Twice at the library as an audiobook. I listen to books on a regular occasion, and this one was so good that I made excuses to listen to it all of the time, because I could not wait to see how it would turn out.

As a side note, it is good for me to listen to suspense books, because when I read them, I tend to flip to the back and find out what happened, and then go back and finish the book...

I enjoyed Fool Me Twice so much that I bought the book and read it again almost immediately. I have been anxiously awaiting Black's next book - and it did not disappoint!

Methods of Madness caught my attention from the very first paragraph: "Fear struck Emily Ramsey with such force that she couldn't move. Her body was stone, as cold and hard as the diamond that glittered against the velvet lining of the wooden ring box. She was going to lose him."

There are a series of twists and turns - is Emily crazy? or does she have a stalker? I never figured out who the bad guy was (and I usually do). Stephanie is the best "villain" writer in the LDS market, in my opinion. All of her characters are full and fully developed.

Another thing I love about her books is that she has characters who just happen to be LDS, and uphold LDS standards. I tend to not read very many national-market suspense novels (even though I love them) because I worry about what scenes I will have to skip. Here is a well-crafted novel with plenty of things to try and figure out with our heroine, and no scene-skipping is needed.

I highly recommend getting this book for yourself! And, my recommendation should carry more weight than ever right now, because I read this in an afternoon while Ellie was sleeping, instead of taking a nap myself. And, she woke up when I had 7 pages left, and I had to put down the book and take care of her until 6 hours later! I was in agony, wanting to get back to the final wrap-up...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where does the time go?

I always thought it was a little funny when people would put on their blogs that they wanted to blog more but could not find the time. I thought - just make the time, people!

I get it now.

I have not mentioned many important happenings in our lives, like the fact that my pops and his wife Pat stayed with us last week for a few days, or that we had amazing cabinets (custom-made for us by our friend Jeff) installed, or that our nice neighbor Jared spent 2 hours helping Greg re-hook-up the surround sound after said cabinet installation, or that Gwen & Dave's kids Joe and Jaquelle came to see us (well, really Ellie).

Here are some pictures of the cabinet process:

Way to use your head, Greg!

This is my favorite action shot...

How many cords and wires do we really need? Apparently, 8000 or so. No wonder it took Greg and Jared so long to hook it all up...

The first use of the computer desk.

I have put the rest of the pictures on Picasa. Jeff joked that he has never had a cabinet installation more well-documented before. I like to preserve things for posterity! I cannot tell you how much I love these cabinets. We have had the vision of doing this since we moved in, and I am so grateful it is done now. Greg wanted to get it done this summer, so that Ellie would not hurt herself on any rough corners. She cannot roll over yet - but whatever the motivation, I am glad it is done. Jeff does good work!

We also had fun doing a little photo shoot of Ellie this morning. She was fascinated by Greg's face, so I never caught her looking at the camera. The first picture is the best one I got - and the second one shows how Ellie lets us know she is done taking pictures...

I still cannot get over the fact the fact that Ellie is part of our family, and that I have the opportunity to be a mother. I have been praying and waiting for this day for so many years - and now I just love and soak up every minute of it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tayler's & Grandma's Visit

Yesterday, we had the awesome opportunity to have Tayler and her family come over to visit Ellie. They were here for a couple of hours, and we had a great time catching up. Ellie got passed around and around and around, and even power-puked all over Tayler's little brother. Well, it got all over herself and her blanket, but Matthew was holding Ellie when it happened. His face was priceless - but unfortunately I did not get it on camera...

Isn't Tayler gorgeous? I hope Ellie looks just like her when she grows up!
This outfit is the first present Ellie ever received. Tayler announced that she picked us on a Friday night, and on Saturday I was visiting my friend Elizabeth for a few minutes. When I got back outside to the car, I found this outfit on my front seat. Darci had snuck up on us and left it inside! After Ellie puked on her first outfit, Marissa (Tayler's sister) picked out this outfit for Ellie to wear. We all agree - she looks great in green.
Today my mom brought my grandma (her mom) to visit, and we had to get a picture with four generations.
My grandma is so cute. When I was showing her the nursery, she said that our changing table was really high. I said that we did that on purpose so that it would be easy for Greg. And then Grandma said, "Whew! I don't think Matt ever changed a single diaper. And I don't remember my dad changing a diaper ever, either."

I am sooooo glad that times have changed, and that good men do more to bond with their babies early on!

Ellie loves to sleep with her hands by her face - and I am happy I caught her in this sweet pose!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pretty flower

Thanks to Darci for giving Ellie this pretty, pretty flower!
Ellie loves to sleep with her arms up or her hands by her face. And, today I put a pair of her shoes on for the very first time. Aren't they too cute?

My pops and his wife Pat are here for a couple of days, and Pat is seriously a baby whisperer. She had Ellie so calm last night, that we did not give her a bath until 11:30 p.m. - and she had not eaten for about 3.5 hours. She was pretty hungry then, and was not that happy about having a bath and not getting to eat right that second. She cried more than she ever has before, and my pops asked - is that all the more that she cries? (We are really lucky, because she is not a crier!)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sweet baby girl

Ellie is the sweetest little baby. She is so snuggly and good. We are really blessed - she is perfectly healthy and absolutely beautiful. And she slept for 5 straight hours last night!

Friday, August 7, 2009

More pictures

Ellie and I partied last night from 1:30 until 5. It was amazing to snuggle her and just watch her eyes watching - what? What is she watching? (And don't tell me nothing....)

We feel asleep in the rocker around 5, and then Greg came and found us about 6. He took over so I could sleep for a couple of hours. He took Ellie out to the rocker in the family room and snuggled her until 9:15, when she decided she was ready to eat again.

Then it was bathtime! Ellie loved all of it - except when Greg had her turned over and was washing her back. She was not a real fan of that.
After her bath, we dressed her in an adorable turtle outfit that Tayler sent home with us. And then, it was off to sleep again... She loves having her hands near her face!


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