Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Visit From Tayler and Other Sundries

Yesterday, Greg was feeding Ellie while I was making brunch. After she ate, she was totally content, but not interested in sleeping yet (she has been staying awake for an hour or two in the mornings lately). So we decided to try her swing for the very first time. Ellie loved it! She looked around for maybe 15 minutes, and then fell right asleep. Thanks, Tiff, for the hand-me-down!

Then, Greg left to go to the Priesthood Leadership meeting for Stake Conference, and Ellie and I got ready for Tayler to come and visit. We had a great time visiting with Tayler and her family. Ellie slept pretty hard before they got here, which meant that she was awake for part of the visit. It was fun for everyone to see her eyes!

Tammy came over about 5:30, because she was going to babysit Ellie for us to go to the adult session of Stake Conference. It was great, because she was able to meet Tayler and her family. Greg got home just in time to say goodbye, and then we were off.

There is something so stirring and thrilling about singing hymns at Stake Conference. The volume is so full and robust - it is awesome! Maybe it is because this was the first church meeting I have been to since Ellie was born, but I enjoyed all of the speakers and the messages more than usual.

Ellie is growing so fast that we are on to a new clothing size! The last 2 days I have been dressing her in 0-3 month clothes. She wore the Newborn size for almost 4 weeks, though, so that is not too shabby!

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Kelly said...

So glad Tayler could come! Isn't it fun to put her in new clothes? I'm always a little sad when they outgrow something I love but excited for new things, too.


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