Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Shower

I have been realizing lately how much support and love have poured in to our lives lately. I always knew we had amazing friends and family members, and that has manifested itself even more since welcoming Ellie in to our family. Thank you to everyone for supporting and loving us!

Last night was my second baby shower, thrown by my friends Darci, Nina, and Julie, with help from Jessica, Gwen, and Mary. Jessica designed the cute turtles that were the theme of the evening, Darci hosted the event at her house, and all together they planned an amazing night!

I got Ellie all dressed in my favorite outfit for her (luckily, it still fits - but just barely!), and her hair all done. She is such an angel - Greg always says "she is such a doll."

When Ellie and I got to Darci's house, she of course had everything decked out to the nines. Jessica's turtles were everywhere, and the refreshment table looked beautiful. And, I really need Darci's recipe for her chocolate cupcakes - they were divine!

Gwen was the self-appointed photographer, and she got some great shots, including this one. Darci kicked us off by welcoming everyone and explaining the first game. Then she got a little emotional talking about how special Ellie is (which made me cry as well), and then Darci told Gwen she would kill her if she took this picture. Luckily, Gwen disobeyed instructions - because I think this pic is priceless!

Darci had printed out ads for 15 baby products, and then excised the brand name. The game was to go around and guess what brand was being advertised. Kelly, the resident bargain shopper, recognized the most logos/ads and won. Way to go, Kelly!

The next (and last) game was a matching game. Nina had dropped off a secret envelope for Greg earlier in the week. Y'all know how much I love surprises... That envelope was driving me crazy, and I kept on trying to guess what was in it. Obviously, I knew it had something to do with the shower. And, with my closest guess, Greg talked his way out of it (totally lied to my face) so convincingly that I am a little worried... (not really).

Nina had a series of questions for Greg to answer the way he thought I would answer, and then they actually had me answer at the shower to see where we matched. We did extremely well, mostly because Greg had managed to work in every question in to our conversations the 2 days prior to the shower! Sneaky, sneaky man. I am so clueless, though, that I just thought he had come up with amazing things to talk about.

After the games, it was on to opening presents. This adorable jacket was picked out specially for Ellie by my little friend Madelin. She told her mom, Jo, that is she was a baby, she would want to wear this. Then Madelin said that she wondered if it was sold in her size. It is not... The amazing green bow came from the top of Elizabeth's present.

I am still stupefied by the sheer generosity of my friends and neighbors. I cannot believe how much stuff Ellie was given at this shower. Thanks again to the ladies for organizing and throwing the shower!

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Renee said...

You (and Ellie) deserve it! It was fun to see her in person and witness that she really is a sweet baby. She didn't make a peep all night. We have been looking forward to your shower for a long time... we are just grateful she is here!


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