Friday, August 28, 2009

Ellie Always Poops on Greg

It seems like every time Greg changes Ellie when she is poopy, she ends up pooping all over him. The first time happened at Ellie's second bath. We got the bath stuff all ready, with her towel on the counter and a new diaper and her night outfit. Greg laid her down, unwrapped her blanket, and started to change her. He had her little feet lifted up - and out shot poop in a straight line. It was powerful - and it just kept on coming and coming and coming! It went all over her old diaper and her blanket and Greg's hands. We quickly got a new diaper on her and her cleaned up in her bath.

The latest happened yesterday morning. I was taking a shower, so Greg was loving all over Ellie. I had gotten out and was brushing my teeth when I heard Greg yelling, "Heather, Heather, come quick!"

I run in to the nursery, and there are multiple diapers littered all over the changing table, and Greg is all flustered, because he had run out of wipes. I quickly remedied the situation, and Ellie decided to finally quit pooping on Greg.

It only took 5 diapers and about 20 wipes, but she got cleaned up well!


The Gardner Family said...

Ok--that was definitely a laugh out loud--very loud post! So funny! Maybe you guys need the pee pee tee pees!! I was told boys were worse than girls--no way! TJ has yet to pee all over us! My explained it all much better than I ever could! ;)

Julie said...

hahaha! how funny. I love the 'panic scream' from dads.


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