Friday, August 21, 2009

"Methods of Madness"

One of my new favorite authors is Stephanie Black. I first found her book Fool Me Twice at the library as an audiobook. I listen to books on a regular occasion, and this one was so good that I made excuses to listen to it all of the time, because I could not wait to see how it would turn out.

As a side note, it is good for me to listen to suspense books, because when I read them, I tend to flip to the back and find out what happened, and then go back and finish the book...

I enjoyed Fool Me Twice so much that I bought the book and read it again almost immediately. I have been anxiously awaiting Black's next book - and it did not disappoint!

Methods of Madness caught my attention from the very first paragraph: "Fear struck Emily Ramsey with such force that she couldn't move. Her body was stone, as cold and hard as the diamond that glittered against the velvet lining of the wooden ring box. She was going to lose him."

There are a series of twists and turns - is Emily crazy? or does she have a stalker? I never figured out who the bad guy was (and I usually do). Stephanie is the best "villain" writer in the LDS market, in my opinion. All of her characters are full and fully developed.

Another thing I love about her books is that she has characters who just happen to be LDS, and uphold LDS standards. I tend to not read very many national-market suspense novels (even though I love them) because I worry about what scenes I will have to skip. Here is a well-crafted novel with plenty of things to try and figure out with our heroine, and no scene-skipping is needed.

I highly recommend getting this book for yourself! And, my recommendation should carry more weight than ever right now, because I read this in an afternoon while Ellie was sleeping, instead of taking a nap myself. And, she woke up when I had 7 pages left, and I had to put down the book and take care of her until 6 hours later! I was in agony, wanting to get back to the final wrap-up...

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