Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tayler's & Grandma's Visit

Yesterday, we had the awesome opportunity to have Tayler and her family come over to visit Ellie. They were here for a couple of hours, and we had a great time catching up. Ellie got passed around and around and around, and even power-puked all over Tayler's little brother. Well, it got all over herself and her blanket, but Matthew was holding Ellie when it happened. His face was priceless - but unfortunately I did not get it on camera...

Isn't Tayler gorgeous? I hope Ellie looks just like her when she grows up!
This outfit is the first present Ellie ever received. Tayler announced that she picked us on a Friday night, and on Saturday I was visiting my friend Elizabeth for a few minutes. When I got back outside to the car, I found this outfit on my front seat. Darci had snuck up on us and left it inside! After Ellie puked on her first outfit, Marissa (Tayler's sister) picked out this outfit for Ellie to wear. We all agree - she looks great in green.
Today my mom brought my grandma (her mom) to visit, and we had to get a picture with four generations.
My grandma is so cute. When I was showing her the nursery, she said that our changing table was really high. I said that we did that on purpose so that it would be easy for Greg. And then Grandma said, "Whew! I don't think Matt ever changed a single diaper. And I don't remember my dad changing a diaper ever, either."

I am sooooo glad that times have changed, and that good men do more to bond with their babies early on!

Ellie loves to sleep with her hands by her face - and I am happy I caught her in this sweet pose!


Ms. Camp said...

As happy as I am to be in Shanghai, right now I really wish I were still in Utah (and wow, I never thought I'd ever type that sentence!) Ellie is beautiful, and I'm so very happy for you. And the picture with 4 generations is priceless!

Kelly said...

Love the yellow blanket picture! I'm so glad Tayler and her family came to visit. And your grandma, too. Ellie is so beautiful!

Laurie said...

Heather, she is so beautiful!


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