Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 More Baby Showers

Last Monday, the kind ladies at my work threw Ellie her 3rd baby shower. It was great to have Greg and Ellie come to work with me and see all of the nice people in my department. Ellie was passed around, and was definitely the star of the show. Some people brought cute outfits or snuggly blankets, and the rest went in together on a group gift - a fabulous gift certificate to Babies 'R Us. Greg and I went shopping Friday night, along with Tanya, Dave, & Andrew, and picked out the cutest pink bouncer, an activity mat, and a jumper activity center (for when Ellie is older). Here are some pictures from Ellie from the first couple of times she has been in the bouncer. She already loves it - and loves to bat at the toys and watch the blinking lights.

On Saturday, Ellie had her 4th and final baby shower. This one was thrown by the Book Club Ladies, and Kelly had the fabulous idea of having it be a book shower! Ellie scored so many books - and now we just need to buy a special bookshelf for her room.

There was a great turn-out, and it was wonderful to catch up with people from the "old" neighborhood. The surprise guest of the day was Laurieann, who told me she would not be able to make it - and then she did! Luckily, Laurie and Steph hit it off, and chatted the whole time.

I have said this before, and I will say it again: my book club friends are the best! I look forward to seeing them every single month. We have scored this month, because we went out to dinner on Thursday night to celebrate the birthdays of Erin and Kandice, and then we saw each other at the shower, and then book club is next Wednesday. What a month!

Michelle said that she wanted to see every single picture I took on at the shower on my blog. To follow her instructions, I have posted almost every picture below!

Ilene, Kelly, Erin, Stephanie, Heather, Tiff, and Kandice
Ilene, Kelly, and Erin

Steph, Laurie, Tiff, Kandice, and Corinne

Kinz, Saydree, Ann, and Syreese

Christine and Kaylee (or is it Shaylee? or Baylee? or Hailey? - just kidding, Kaylee!)

Michelle, Mikayla, Shanelle (my former Beehive is a junior in college now!), and Melissa

Nikii, Kandice, and Corrin

Eva, Kimberly, and Becky


The Gardner Family said...

Great pictures! Fun Fun Fun!! Man, with all the hanging out we've been doing I sure hope we can find something to talk about Wednesday night!! ;)

Kelly said...

Baby showers are so much fun! I'm so glad you finally got yours. Now Ellie just needs a brother so you can have a few more....I know I know, one miracle at a time.

The 5 Disney Lovers said...

yay, good job Heather. Had a great time. Thanks for having us.

Amy Conklin said...

Heather - Sorry I didn't make it to the shower on Saturday. It was our ward's Super Saturday and I thought I'd be able to sneak out for a few minutes, but had to feed Cami when I did have a mintue..
I wanted to be there and thought of you though. I have some cute books to add to your collection - I'll get them over to you soon, I promise! Love ya tons!


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