Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ellie loves the shower

Today I could not put Ellie down. I was overwhelmed with her amazing baby smell, and her enchanting fingers, and her overall sweetness. It is so easy to love her!

My friend Kathi designed this beautiful vinyl turtle for the nursery wall. Love it!

Tammy dropped in to see us tonight. Greg finished mowing the lawn, and then hopped in the shower to get cleaned up. He put on a swimsuit, so that Tammy could see how much Ellie loves being in the shower. We had to snap some pictures of her contented looks. Ellie will languidly kick her feet in the water, and look all around at the noises. It seems like she loves the feel of the water, and the warmth of the shower stall. She hates it when she is done, and I open the door to get her out.


Beth said...

Oh goodness! Her cuteness is astonishing.

Jenny and Josh said...

So sweet!

Sara Rose said...

I am such awe at the last photo!! that one needs to be black and white and blown up! she is beautiful! And all of my babies loved the shower too! Mom or dad holding them close and warm water spraying there body!! It's perfect! SO happy for you guys!


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