Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It was cold for the first time this year, so I was able to dress Ellie in this adorable outfit - another gift from Darci (and part of Ellie's first ever gift).  After she was all dressed up, Ellie went to Institute with me for the first time.  We picked up Gwen and went to Brother Wilcox's class (he is doing the New Testament this year).  I took Ellie in and showed her off to all of Cheryl's daughters (the ladies we have sat with for the past year), and she was a big hit (but no one is surprised by that).  Then when class was about to begin, Ellie and I excused ourselves and went in to the foyer.  It was lunchtime, and Ellie was a little noisy, so I went in the mother's room (wow, I went in the mother's room - with a baby - to do what people do in the mother's room) and it was fabulous.  The sound is piped in, and I liked it better than the foyer.  Ellie and I rocked and listened, and there were no distractions.  I think we will go in there every week from now on!

Class starts at 1:30, and at about 2:15 all of the power went off.  We hung around for a few minutes, until Bro Wilcox said that a phone call had been made and the power would be off for at least an hour.  So we came home.

It was great to hang out with Gwen. I have not seen her since before she went on her Alaskan cruise, and I have missed her!


Kelly said...

I love all of her unique expessions! I swear in the bottom picture on the right she looks like Greg.

The Gardner Family said...

Is that Brother Wilcox--as in Brad Wilcox? I LOVE him!! He lived in Laramie for a little bit. I think he was getting his PhD then. Anyway, great family! How great that you and Gwen get to hang out again! I but she just loves Ellie to pieces!!

Kathryn said...

That Ellie is gonna be the smartest girl in Primary - attending Institute already?!? VERY impressive! ;)



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