Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Montana Trip

Greg & I took Ellie to meet her Montana relatives over the long weekend. We had a great time hanging out with Kyle, Jonette, Kylene, Kiera, Kaysen, and Macy. We don't do too much when we visit - we just visit! To me, that makes the best vacation. I mean, we go to Helena to SEE all of them, so I am glad we spend the majority of our time hanging out.

Ellie did really well in the car. On Friday morning, she woke up to eat around 4:30, so I got her fed and changed and dressed for the day, and then Greg and I both took fast showers and got the car loaded and were on the road by 6:07 a.m. Ellie slept all the way until Idaho Falls, where we stopped for breakfast (and to get her out of her seat for a while). We fed and changed her again, and then she was content to sleep in Greg's arms while we ate. I managed to capture Ellie making a face that is currently my favorite in her face-making-arsenal. I love the puckered lips!

After leaving IF, Ellie slept all the way to Butte, where we stopped again and took care of her. We just parked at a gas station and fed her in the car this time, and then she slept again until we got to Helena.

Once in Helena, I don't think Greg or I held Ellie more than a few minutes at a time during the daylight hours (which is as it should be!). Kylene held Ellie the most. I kept on telling her she did not have to hold the baby if she did not want to. Ky thought I was hilarious...

Nice face, Ky!
(I had to get a pic of her turtle shirt, which she wore in honor of Ellie coming. Check out Kaysen's ghost hand intruding on the picture...)

Kiera is the same size as Tayler (basically) - about 5 feet tall and WAY less than 100 pounds... (Right, Kiera?)

Macy had a hard time with Ellie at first - mostly because she was jealous. Whoever was holding Ellie also had Macy wanting to sit right by them. After we let MayMay sniff Ellie a couple of times (but not actually touch her, of course!) she settled down.

Greg & Kyle golfed twice, and we took a couple of walks with Ellie and Macy around the neighborhood, and we had a bbq with their great neighbors and friends Trish, Brad, Megan, and Cassie, and we went to Costco and church, and we ate lots of yummy food, and we watched a movie (17 Again), and we played Rock Band on the Wii (those kids are amazing! I can only do the drums, and not the guitar...), and OF COURSE played many, many, many rounds of Hand & Foot.

Ellie was a huge hit, and the only downside to the trip was lamenting the fact that we do not live next door to each other anymore. We were supposed to have kids while we lived really close to K&J so that our kids would grow up with our other (oops, I mean their) kids. Ah, well. We will still make sure we stay close! Helena is not that far away...

Ellie also traveled really well in the car on the way home - until we got to the point of the mountain. Then she screamed the rest of the way, which is thankfully only about 8 more minutes. I crawled in the back seat with her, but she would not be comforted. She had had enough, and she let us know it! Jonette, you'll be happy to know that I actually saw gums as Ellie was screaming, and she would not be consoled until we got her out. That is the most she has ever cried!


Froggy Princess said...

Next time you come through Idaho Falls you need to stop and see us!!!!
I love all your pictures of Ellie! She is beautiful!!!
Yeah Taylor for such an amazing beautiful selfless gift!!!

Life's Journey said...

You mean I missed you guys again. Am I ever going to get to see that beautiful angel sent down to melt all of our hearts. You need to let me know next time. :) I love all of those wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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