Friday, October 9, 2009

10 pounder

Ellie now weighs 10 pounds!  Where does the time go? Her 2-month doctor's appointment is next week, and I am excited to get all of her measurements and percentiles.

On Wednesday night, I was able to attend the Lehi Library Board meeting, thanks to my friend Amy (who sits on the Board and submitted my name as a potential candidate).  It was interesting to hear about the things that they do.  If I get invited to serve, I will do it - and if I don't, then I won't worry about it.

When I got home, Tammy, Tanya, and Andrew were visiting with Greg & Ellie.  Andrew is hilarious - and his mom is too!  It is always nice to see them.

Last night I had a Stake Primary Leadership training meeting.  It was very inspiring and full of good reminders of what we should be doing in our Primary.

But I showed  up as one of "those" people.  I clearly did not read my invitation, and came in jeans (when everyone else was in Sunday dress).  I had Ellie with me (who was as good as gold - but the only baby in the room).  Greg was also in the building for his High Council meetings, and one of them got done early, so he came and "stole" Ellie from me.  The door into the Primary room squeaks.  A few minutes later, Greg came back to get the diaper bag (and the door squeaked again - as he came in, and as he left).  Ah, such is life!

It is really fun to dress up Ellie.  She seems to like it as well!  I just got this little heart outfit for her, and the cute pink hoodie was a present from our friend Nina O.


Beth said...

So big and cute!

I weighed Beckett on the Wii Fit scale (I don't know how accurate it is) and he weighed in at 11.4 pounds!

Traci said...

Ellie needs to eat more. Hope is going to pass her up. She now weighs 8lbs 2 ounces. What darling outfits.

HappyCamper said...

Incidentally Heather, your comments about carrots along with the pix's: Looks to me like an analogy of "Then shall the man leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife..." and great things happen when the two are one!


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