Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween - A Dance and A Visit

Last night, Greg was assigned to chaperone the Stake Dance, so I got to go with him.  Tammy came over to stay with Ellie, and we were off for a night of loud music and visiting.  It was fun to see the kids come in all excited and give them wrist bands to wear, and it was fun to stay after and help clean everything up.  We spent a lot of time talking with Shannon, and we spotted Clayton, Leonard, Brayden, Jordan, Kayd, Alesha (her first dance!), and Emily.

Today we had a fun time driving down to the Mall and meeting Tayler and her family.  The mall was hosting trick-or-treating, and Matthew went to a few stores to represent us, and the rest of us hung out and talked.  Ellie got passed around and looked pretty stinking cute with or without her pumpkin hat.

Unfortunately, Ellie only slept about 20 minutes on the ride down, and then we woke her up, so she was pretty sleepy and a little fussy.  I know, it is shocking to hear that Ellie was a little fussy, but there it is.  Life isn't all roses, people!  (Of course, Ellie's fussiness really just means that she would not smile on command like she normally does, and she squawked a couple of times - which is just cute).  Even with that, I still managed to capture some good pictures with my little point-and-shoot camera.

Elllie does this great pouty lip that I have captured before, and she inherits this from Marissa. Ellie was doing the lip during the visit, so I tried to get matching mouths. I missed Ellie doing the mouth, but love this picture of Marissa doing it!

During the visit, I was struck again with how much I love Tayler.  It sounds trite and cliche, but I have to say it anyway - Tayler gave us the world and made all of our dreams come true.  Tayler is my hero. I am so happy that Ellie looks like Tayler (although Greg says sometimes [a little facetiously?] that he hopes Ellie is not quite as gorgeous as Tayler when she grows up).  I love that we have a relationship with Tayler and that we learn more about her every time we get together (today we learned that the 4th of July is her favorite holiday, and that she loves watermelon).

After we got home, we took some more shots to document Ellie's first Halloween.


The Gardner Family said...

Happy Halloween!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Marissa and Tayler laughing with Ellie! That is awesome!! Such beautiful girls!

Kelly said...

Love the hat! Glad you could see Tayler and her family again. Tayler and Ellie are both so beautiful!

Magson said...

He wasn't being facetious when he said he hopes Ellie isn't quite as gorgeous as Tayler when she grows up -- he doesn't want to have to invest in baseball bats and shotguns in order to keep the boys away. :-P

Traci said...

What a darling Halloween costume. Glad you enjoyed the loud teenagers.

HappyCamper said...

Do we sense incredible joy and happiness? We so rejoice with you in your happiness. Ellie is precious, but guess what, so are both of her amazing parents!


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