Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Institute and Chains

Ellie and I went to Michael Wilcox's class this afternoon.  I drove with Cheryl, and when we got there we went into the chapel and spoke with her daughters Marci, Tiana, and Sheri for a few minutes before going to the mother's room, where Ellie promptly fell asleep.  It was fun to watch her sleep, and the noises she makes and the faces she pulls.  Normally when Ellie is asleep I am doing dishes or checking email or whatever, so it was great to see what she does as she settles into a deep sleep.

Today I pulled out the link/chain things out for the first time, and Ellie has had a great time playing with them in her car seat (with a new car seat cover made by our friend Charity) and in her room while I was folding laundry, and in her bouncer.  Ellie was going crazy in her bouncer batting at her toys and grabbing at the chains.  I am amazed that she does not even flinch when things fly towards her face, and Greg says it is because she has no fear yet, and no expectation that anything will hit her.  Nothing has yet!

And, I have to include some of my recent favorite pictures of this amazing baby.  (I get new favorites every day....)  Check out Ellie's gorgeous blue eyes!


Renee said...

Those are some darling pictures! It is so fun to see them finally control their hands and play with toys.

Traci said...

What a doll, she looks so grown up!

Kelly said...

I think her little mouth is her best feature. She can pull it into so many different expressions! I love it when she pouts...She is beautiful. I love that she always has bows in her hair!

Emily said...

She is so adorable. My kids loved the chains and eventually when they did bonk themself in the face, they didn't really cry, more of a surprise. We're so glad you sent us a birth announcement, now we can stay connected.
The Lewins


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