Monday, November 30, 2009

Broncos Rule!

Tammy went to the Bronco game in Denver on Thanksgiving.  She ate dinner with her friends, but we wanted to celebrate again now that she is back home.  So I dressed Ellie in her Bronco cheerleading outfit (a present from Tammy, of course!) and we had turkey pot pie and mashed potatoes and smoked turkey and broccoli salad with Tammy and Gwen and Dave last night.

And here are some cute pics of amazing Ellie and her fabulous Daddy.  Greg loves the bows I put in Ellie's hair for church.  He said this pink bow made Ellie look like a coal miner (like she was wearing a headlamp...).  Silly daddy!


Traci said...

I think the flowers are cute. Bt Loren agrees with Greg. It must be a guy thing.

Cassie said...

She still looks so tiny! But very cute.


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