Friday, November 20, 2009

Grateful for technology

I was so resistant to getting a digital camera.  I have a nice SLR, and I knew that it would be difficult to replace the quality of the pictures I was used to with an inexpensive digital camera.  I finally broke down and got a decent digital camera to go to Dubai.  It is true that the picture quality is not as good as my SLR, but the convenience of the digital far outweighs the disadvantages.  I can take video clips any time, and I can take 15 pictures to try and get a few good ones, and not worry about the waste.  (I used to think it was highly successful if I got 8 or so good pictures from a roll of film).

I have been thinking about how grateful I am that we entered the digital age this week as I snapped picture after picture of beautiful Ellie.  Here are some of my favorites:

Ellie is getting so good at holding up her head, and she always wants to sit up tall.  Even when I prop her in the chair (or try to get her to snuggle while I am sitting with her) she tries to pull her head up.


Ellie has also started wanting to hold on to something while she goes to sleep - her hair or her burp cloth or her blanket.  Tonight I caught her holding on to the edge of some pillows (Greg and I were working on cleaning out the office/guest room and had Ellie laid down on the bed).

Ellie loves her grandmas!


Kelly said...


HappyCamper said...

She sure is growing and getting cuter all the time. We too, are grateful you "humbled" yourself and got a digital camera. It has sure allowed others to enjoy the thrill and delight that you two are experiencing. Thanks for sharing!


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