Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas break with the best family ever (title by Tammy)

This has been a great vacation!  Here are the highlights:

1.  Learning some interesting sayings from Tammy, like "Open a can of kick butt" and "Flip a witch" and "This is a woofy of a game"
2.  Tammy playing Mary in a live nativity, under duress, but then enjoying herself

3.  Ky's bottom hitting the floor as she sat on the air mattress with a hole in it
4.  Playing hand & foot 24/7

5.  Ky and Heather channeling our inner opera singers as Kiera played the piano
6.  Chasing Macy around the house

7.  Mugging on Ellie

8.  Kyle slapping whipped cream up Tammy's nose

9.  Kyle and Tammy and the endless pinches - Tammy claims she won the war!
10. Tammy kicking the door and spraining her toe because the Broncos were losing
11.  Tammy poking me with a bobby pin in the arm at church to try and keep herself awake
12.  Laughing at silly stories at 1 in the morning (me having a Heather moment. We were talking about how we broke the bed frame when we were moving, and I meant we broke it when we were packing and moving the furniture to a new house, but it was completely taken out of context!)
13.  Kaysen trying to scare Tammy in the middle of the night, and instead waking Macy up so she was barking at 2 a.m., which woke up the whole house

14.  Watching "The Proposal" and having Kiera say the actor had nice abs when he took his shirt off

15.  Jonette coloring Tammy's hair, and having the peanut gallery offer many suggestions as to how it could turn out better

16.  Jonette doing Ellie's laundry
17.  Watching the kids sled while Kyle pulled them on the 4 wheeler

18.  Realizing that some skills never go away, but they can be rusty. Ky asked me to french braid her hair into 2 braids, and it was a little rough. She tried to sleep on it, and it promptly fell out. I redid it the next day, and then it stayed and looked pretty stinking cute.

19.  Arguing over what movie to watch, and then watching the stupidest movie ever - Night at the Museum 2

20.  Watching Ellie be fascinated by Macy. Macy kept trying to get all of Ellie's toys, but she also protected Ellie. Macy always wanted to be where Ellie was.

21.  Shopping at Costco and Target

22.  Kyle wearing his Mr. Incredible outfit
23.  Kaysen overhearing girl talk and learning new information that he probably did not want to learn
24.  Kylene getting a newer version of my camera and teaching me how to use it (I've had mine since March). I never knew that I could take pictures in black & white and sepia.

25.  Kiera wanting us to smell her armpits to see if she stinks

26.  Kylene telling her dad not to make diarrhea soup. (He made a really yummy steak soup, but Ky thought it looked nasty.)

27.  Sub-zero temperatures
28.  Drinking lots of pop
29.  Having kidlets to run errands for me (Kays, will you get me a pop?; Kiera, will you get me a binkie?)
30.  Realizing that Kyle is a big old softie - just a little rough around the edges.  His parents gave their children wonderful photo albums and keepsakes (from their childhoods) for Christmas, and Kyle cried when he opened the present, and again when he told the story in his talk in Sacrament Meeting.

31.  Learning I am a liar and a cheater...especially when we play cards.  Kyle is a bad influence on me!

32.  Kaysen telling us "Yo Mama" jokes and cracking himself up
33.  Dressing Ellie in her new Christmas dress

34.  Ellie falling asleep on her activity mat in the middle of all of the action
35.  Hanging out and being together, and eating lots of yummy food

36.  Nicknaming Ellie "Fred."  We were talking about whether or not Ellie knew her name, and Jonette said that when Macy was in puppy obedience school, they would call her by a different name to train her to only respond to her own name.  So, Jonette decided to test this out on Ellie, and called to her in a sing-song voice.  "Fred" turned instantly.

Merry Christmas to all!


Beth said...

Wow! What a great holiday!

Mary said...

I bet it was even more fun that it sounds - and that's pretty great. Glad you had a good time!


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