Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas In Helena

Greg, Ellie, and I have come to Helena to spend Christmas with Kyle, Jonette, Kylene, Kiera, Kaysen, Grandpa John, Macy, and Tammy.  It was snowing yesterday morning when we left, but the roads were pretty good overall, and we made it in about 9 hours.  We got up at 5 and got ready, and then woke Ellie up at about 6, fed her, put her in her car seat, and headed out.  She slept all the way until Idaho Falls (which took over 4 hours), and then we stopped and got some breakfast.  She looked so cute in her panda sleeper!

We had fun yesterday hanging out and reconnecting.  It took Ellie a little while to decide that everyone was her friend.  (She did a lot better today.)  The funniest part of the day came last night when we were all in the loft hanging out and watching some shows.  K&J had set up an air mattress (one of the tall, double ones) for Kiera to sleep on (since we took over her room), and the kids were wrestling and having a good time.  Greg even got in on the act, and helped Kaysen do boys against girls.  Somewhere in all of the chaos, they discovered that the air mattress had sprung a leak and tried to pump it up again - but not very successfully.  When Jonette, Kylene, and Kiera were laying on it later, their bums were hitting the floor.

Even later, Ky told us about a funny video she wanted to show us, so she ran down and got the laptop, and ran back upstairs and plopped right down on the air mattress, and hit the floor with a loud bang!  The air mattress, with no one on it, looked deceptively full and supportive.  Oops...

Today we have had fun eating, and playing game,s and listening to Kiera play the piano & Kylene sing, and enjoying each other's company.  It is amazing to me that we are celebrating Ellie's first Christmas!

I love rereading the Christmas story, and I look forward to doing this every Christmas Eve.  Jonette had the great idea to "act out" the nativity story using the puppets that Shannon gave them.  It was wonderful to take turns reading the story, and getting to sing songs.  I think this should be an annual tradition!

After we finished talking about Savior and his humble birth, we had family prayer, and then opened one present each.  I tried to talk them in to opening all of the presents, but no one else seemed to like that idea.  I guess I will have to wait til tomorrow like everyone else!  (Good thing I have already opened the presents from Mom and Amy and Greg's parents - I am mostly satiated!)

Now Ellie is napping as I type, and the rest of the family are outside in the 2 degree weather acting out a live nativity.  I am sure they are enjoying themselves.  I am sure enjoying the wonderful marvel of central heating.

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