Monday, December 21, 2009

A concert, Amy, and new outfits

On Saturday night, Greg and I attended the Jon Schmidt Christmas concert, which is an annual tradition.  Well, it is an annual tradition for me - and this year Greg was able to make it as well!  We attended with Amy and Joshie; Ann, McKinzie, and Syreese; and Mom & Amy (fresh off of the plane from Shanghai - they left at intermission...).  It was a fabulous show, like always, and we enjoyed ourselves knowing that Ellie was in excellent hands.  She got to play with Hailey at her house (and Julie helped a little...).

On Sunday, we went to visit our newest niece, Gwynneth Fey.  She is teeny tiny!  Gwen is smaller than Ellie was (still less than 6 pounds), and in comparison to the 14 pounder I am used to, she seemed even smaller.  Teri and Jon are amazing parents and were just glowing, and we are all grateful that Gwen is home from the hospital now and doing well.  I snapped a bunch of pics (because J & T have not gone digital yet), and here are my favorites of this beautiful little girl.

Ellie slept through the whole visit.  She will hopefully be awake and ready for more pictures with Gwynneth tomorrow night!

After visiting Gwen, we went and picked up Grandma and headed to Mom's house for dinner and hanging out with Amy.  Amy was super cute with Ellie, and spent quite a bit of time playing with her on the floor.  And, of course, I had to take a gazillion pictures.

Today, I dressed Ellie in this cute outfit that Tayler gave her last week at our visit.  She is so precious!


Ms. Camp said...

Where's the video? All 8 minutes of it?

Traci said...

Sounds like your family is having a lot of fun. Ellie is so darn cute.
Gwenn has a ton of dark hair-fun.


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