Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ellie Rolled Over

Tonight, Ellie rolled from her back to her front, unassisted, for the very first time.  I am so proud of her!  She actually did it 3 times.  The first time, I had laid her down while I made her a bottle, and when I got back, she was on her tummy.  I have been videotaping for over a week trying to catch the moment, because I knew she was close - and I did not even witness it, let alone tape it.

The second time happened after she ate and took a nap, and it was play time again.   I laid her down and went to plug in the camera battery.  In the time it took to stand up, get the camera out of the diaper bag, and put the battery in the charger, Ellie was already on her tummy again.  I missed it for the second time!  I quickly put the camera back together and took a couple of pictures.  Then I put Ellie on her back and waited, camera in hand, to see if she wanted to do it again.  After about a minute, I hopped up to get my phone to text Greg and tell him what he had missed.  I literally had my back to Ellie for about 4 seconds - and, you guessed it - she was already on her tummy.  I missed it AGAIN!

After that, I sat down and talked with her for over 15 minutes, but Ellie had no interest in rolling over again.  Hopefully I will actually catch her in the act next time...

Today at our Primary Presidency Meeting, since the kids are out of school, we had more people than usual fascinated with Ellie.  I put Ellie in her car seat because we were getting ready to go, and Lexi, Matther=w, Brooklyn, and Cache wanted to help me, and then wanted to entertain Ellie.  These children are adorable and so sweet!

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Beth said...

Way to go Ellie! Beckett did it the other night while I was not watching. It freaked me out to see him on his tummy. He does not know what he is doing though and it freaks him out!


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