Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Could Get Used To This

Ellie has always been a good sleeper, and this last week she has been an exceptional sleeper.  For example, last night I fed her about 10, and put her down in her crib about 10:30.  When I checked on her 4 minutes later, she was already asleep (sans binkie).  She didn't wake up to eat again until 8:15 this morning.  I really could get used to this!

While I was burping her, Ellie yawned a couple of times, but I did not think she could really be that sleepy, so I just brought her in and laid down with her in our bed.  Her left arm has been pretty spastic lately as she is learning how to control it - and she promptly smacked Greg in the face.  But then Ellie took her little hand and started rubbing Greg's chin and face.  She was fascinated by his stubble.  So precious!  After a few minutes of stroking, Ellie moved on to rubbing the sheet and comforter.  After a few minutes of that, she kept on trying to sit up, so we got up for the day.

We have worked hard to train Ellie to go to sleep on her own, which she does wonderfully.  But now she does not like to snuggle when she is sleepy, and I miss that a lot!  Sometimes I try to snuggle her, and after only a couple of minutes, she always lets me know that she wants her own space.  Ellie is getting so independent, and I think she gets tired of being held sometimes.  She wants her own space, and to be able to wiggle her arms and legs, and to play!

Sunday night we were at Greg's parents' house to watch The First Presidency Christmas Devotional, and Ellie was so tired, and did not want to be held any more.  So Greg put her down on the floor, where she promptly started rubbing his legs.  She had just about fallen asleep when Tammy realized Greg was not holding E anymore, so T came over and picked her up, which made her cry.... Poor Tammy and poor Ellie!

And here is Ellie looking super cute in a hooded vest.


Beth said...

Ahh, what a sweetie. I am so jealous of how long she sleeps. Beckett just decides that he needs to eat twice a night.

I hear you on the sleep training. It is so important for them to go down on their own, but it is hard to lose those snuggles. I am lucky that Beckett stills loves to be held. The only time Jayston lets me snuggle him is when he is sick or is trying to avoid going to bed!

Mary said...

Maybe she's sleepy because she's growing. And I've been glad to find out that uncuddly babies often grow into very cuddly toddlers. Here's hoping.


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