Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book Club and Pics of E

Last night was Book Club.  It is always a highlight to see my friends, and the best news is that Erin came for about an hour and filled us in on the latest in baby Camden's life.  He has actually had a set-back in the last couple of days, and has not been digesting well, so they backed him off to just IVs.  This is, as Erin said, sub-optimal, and so now we are all praying that Cam's body will figure it out, and they can get him digesting milk again, and that he will not have to have surgery on his intestines.  Erin also brought one of the diapers they put on Cam, which is the size of her palm, and these diapers are toooo big for him.  They have to roll them down.
Yesterday,  I dressed E in my latest D.I. find - a sweater outfit that was only $4.  Go bargains!  Ellie is getting close to sitting up on her own.  She can balance for a few seconds at a time, and then she topples right over...
Today Ellie was busily chewing on her turtle book, and again was moving around so much that she toppled right over. I am going to need to figure out a new picture-taking spot!

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gadgetjunkie said...

I hope things go well for baby Camden! Wow learning how to sit up...way to go Ellie!


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