Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sisters & Husbands

I wasn't feeling very well this weekend, so Ellie and I hung close to home.  Greg's brother Scott and his wife Lisette had sent Ellie "Baby Signing Time" and we had a great time watching it.  I need to start using the signs as I talk with Ellie.  I hear it really works!  Robyn was in town for the weekend, so Saturday afternoon she, mom, and grandma came over to hang out.  Robyn was really cute with Ellie, and bounced her for quite a while.  My grandma also took a long turn holding Ellie.  Ellie loves being held by her great-grandma!

On Sunday, I went to our ward's Priesthood Preview.  We have a great group of 11 year-old boys, and they made the meeting very fun.  Our bishop is super nice, but tends to forget people's names.  Easton had an interview with the Bishop right before the event, and when the Bishop was talking, he kept on calling Easton "Eaton."  Finally Easton raised his hand and said, "OK, Bishop, you are killing me.  My name is Easton, not Eaton."  I thought Easton's parents were going to kill him!  The Bishop was very gracious, and the rest of us called Easton "Eaton" all night long.

Cassie and Rachel discovered that Ellie really likes stuffed animals.  I went to my favorite bargain place, and got 4 cute, cuddly stuffed animals at D.I. for 75 cents each.  After a trip through the washing machine, they are sanitized and ready to go.  Ellie loves the bunny the best.  There are so many textures: she loves to rub the satin in the ears, and pull on the ribbons, and stroke the fuzzy fur, and chew on the arms, legs, & ears.  She especially loves to put the bunny close to her face, or covering her face, which makes me nervous.  I always keep a close eye on her when she is playing with it.

Today I am especially grateful for Greg.  I was not feeling well this weekend, but on Sunday I had so many things to do that I just got through it, and then yesterday I crashed.  Greg just quietly stepped in and took care of Ellie and cooked me food, and I basically luxuriated in bed all day.  I was even able to finish a book, read another one, and get halfway through a third before the day was over.  That was amazing - I don't find a lot of reading time these days. 

And today I feel all better.  What a great husband!


Beth said...

How fun! I love getting Jay's cars at DI because he loses them. I found about five under the couch cushions yesterday.

Be careful of signing time. Kids love it so much. Jayston asks for it (by signing) when he wakes up in the middle of the night! I am so glad he knows signs though. It makes life so much easier.

I am glad Greg is taking good care of you.

Elizabeth said...

You are so good at hiding how you feel! I had no idea you didn't feel well when we came over on Sunday! It sure was fun to see you twice in one week! I'm glad you're feeling better.


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